There are the following variants of anti-cellulite massage:
• Manual massage;
• Machine massage;
• Dry massage.

If the massage is done professionally, then there will be left no bruises on the body. You will notice the result after the first procedure.

The anti-cellulite massage:
• improves of the blood circulation;
• removes excess fluid from the body;
• leads to higher rates of metabolic processes;
• strengths the immune system;
• improves skin structure;
• improves the appearance of the skin;
• Effects on the processes of cellular rejuvenation positive;
• prevents stagnant processes in the body.
We offer the best prices in Kiev. We know absolutely everything about the massage technique; we have many years of experience, so we can fight off cellulite.

1. Tell me, please, is it possible to perform an anti-cellulite massage every day to improve the condition of the hips as soon as possible before you leave?

It is possible to massage every day, but this will not accelerate the changes taking place in the subcutaneous fat layer. The most optimal is - in a day and it is important not to allow a break for more than two days.

2. How often do you recommend a course of anti-cellulite massage?

It is recommended to repeat the course of 10-15 procedures every six months.

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