One of the most common skin diseases is couperose. Couperose looks as vascular markings on the face, which remind a network or “stars”.
In the modern cosmetology the vascular asterisks are treated by laser. If you need this procedure, trust our professionals in the center Della Rossa.
Advantages of laser vascular removal:
• The procedure does not require anesthesia
• Relatively painless.
• High efficiency of the procedure.
• Safe removal of the vascular network.
• No scars left.
As a rule, repeated use is required to eliminate completely and restore healthy complexion.
The whole procedure takes up to 30 minutes. If necessary, the next treatment is possible in a month.
ELOS therapy after several sessions will help to eliminate vascular red and blue pathology from the face. The procedure for laser vascular removal is performed in cases of couperose, red and blue vascular formations, wine spots, and also hymangioma.
• Acute and chronic diseases.
• Pregnancy and lactation.
• Strongly tanned skin.
• Diseases of the blood.
• Oncological diseases.
• Venous diseases of the subcutaneous veins.
Competent specialists of the center Della Rossa will consult you and determine the treatment program, safe for your health. Our center will please you with outstanding professional services, democratic prices. In the laser cosmetic center Della Rossa, you have a chance to become slim and fit with modern techniques.

1. Hello. Is it dangerous to remove asterisks on the face? Can there be scars after that? Is it effective?

Good afternoon. Removal of spider veins on the face is not dangerous, scarring does not remain. If you clean them with an electrocoagulator, then you need 1-2 procedures, if Elos or photo - then 5-6.

2. Hello. I want to contact your center, but I do not know if it's possible. At me on a fold of a leg vessels are very visible. Tell me, please, do they remove them in your center? How much will it cost? How many procedures are needed?

Good afternoon. If the vessels are large, you should contact the phlebological center. Cosmetologists are engaged only in small vascular defects. The price depends on the method of removal and on the size, on the same, including, depends on the number of treatments. Sometimes you can get rid of one procedure, more often after two. More precisely, you can determine the number of procedures already on the advice.

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