Biorevitalization of the face

Biorevitalization of the face

After 25 years, the human body stops producing hyaluronate — a substance responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin. But you should not worry, because the sphere of cosmetology has long developed an effective procedure for preserving the youth and beauty of your skin — biorevitalization.
The procedure for the biorevitalization of the facial skin is the injection deep into the dermis of hyaluronic acid using a thin needle or a special device. The advantage of the procedure is that hyaluronic acid, which provides the skin with elasticity and elasticity, gets deep into the problem areas and acts locally, without affecting the entire body.
With the help of hyaluronic biorevitalization of the face, a long rejuvenating effect is achieved and the skin condition generally improves.

How does the procedure for biorevitalization occur?

It undergoes biorevitalization according to a long-established system:

consultation and examination of the patient;
selection of the drug for injection, the mode of administration and type of procedure.

Modern cosmetology offers two types of procedure:

Injection — substances for stimulating metabolic processes inside cells are injected with a syringe with a thin needle or an injector that reduces soreness of sensations;
non-injection — the substance enters the dermis, without violating its integrity, with the help of various hardware procedures.

Biorevitalization by hyaluronic acid itself occurs in 5 stages:

make-up remover;
skin cleansing;
antiseptic treatment;
marking of the problem zone;
the administration of the substance under the skin by hand or with the aid of the device from 20 minutes to one hour.

At the end of the procedure, the doctor applies cosmetic products to the patient’s skin to soothe and fix the effect, assesses her condition, determines the duration of the course and assigns the next session.

Best biorevitalization — hardware?

In the event that the client is afraid of needles before death, he is offered options for undergoing the procedure using a special device that does not damage the skin.
Here are some of them:

kibiororevitalizatsija — the device shares a skin with a cold (liquid nitrogen) and under the influence of electric waves hyaluronic acid gets in a derma;
laser biorevitalizatsiya — the skin is heated from the infrared ray, the pores expand and hyaluronic acid penetrates inside. The procedure improves microcirculation;
ionophoresis — the doctor-cosmetologist introduces hyaluron, using current. Improves metabolism, reduces the manifestation of the venous network;
Magnitophoresis — during the procedure, a magnetic-wave device is used, transporting the hyaluronate under the skin, without damaging it;
oxygen mesotherapy — the skin is saturated with oxygen;
Ultraphonophoresis — sound vibrations facilitate the delivery of useful components;
aquaphoresis — procedure «3in1»: laser therapy, electrostimulation and lymphatic drainage are involved;

Before any of these procedures should be consulted with a specialist. The physician-cosmetologist takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and appoints the most appropriate kind of biorevitalization.

Do I need biorevitalization?

Cosmetologists recommend taking a course of biorevitalization to those who complain about:

dryness of facial skin;
expansion of pores;
rash and acne;
decreased tonus and wrinkles;
slow skin regeneration;
metabolic disease;
manifestation of a venous network on the face;
lack of vitamins;

Also, the biorevitalization of the facial skin is perfect for reconstructing after plastic surgery or adjusting the contours of the face.
Let this method of rejuvenation and fast enough, the immediate effect of biorevitalization should not wait. Depending on the age, degree of the patient’s problem, for the appearance of the first improvements, it takes at least a week. That’s why for a 100-percent result you need to undergo a full course of procedures.

But before proceeding to the procedure, the doctor should be convinced of the absence of the following contraindications in the patient:

pregnancy or period of lactation;
skin inflammation;
autoimmune diseases;
impaired blood clotting;
skin infections;
moles, nevi or large areas of pigmentation;
malignant or benign neoplasms;
allergy to hyaluronic acid;
purulent wounds, stitches, fresh wounds or scars in the treated area.

It is important to know that biorevitalization of the skin is categorically contraindicated during menstruation. Firstly: during menstruation, sensitivity increases and the pain threshold decreases. Secondly: because of the increase in fluid in the body, swelling after the procedure will last longer. And thirdly: delayed blood clotting can lead to a prolonged presence of bruises in the jabs.

Rehabilitation period

After biorevitalization within a week is not recommended:

Visit swimming pools, beaches, saunas and spa-procedures;
to engage in strengthened physical exercises;
add alcohol

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