Non-surgical techniques for weight loss:
• Vella Shape;

• Lipolaser;

• cavitation;

• cryolipolysis;

• LPG massage;

• LipoSonix;

• pressotherapy;

• lymphatic drainage.
What results should you expect?
• the general condition of the body will be improved;

• The body volume will decrease;

• the figure gets lean;

• stretch marks are reduced;

• the skin condition improves.
Advantages of the cosmetic center Della Rossa
The main advantage of the center is high-tech modern equipment and professionals.
The most popular methods of non-surgical techniques for weight loss:
Vela Shape
Technology Vela Shape is based on steps of influence on the body:

• infrared radiation;

• radio wave bipolar energy;

• roller massage;

• use of vacuum massage.

Vela Shape is recommended to apply:

• to give elasticity to the skin;

• to change body weight and to reduce stretch marks;

• to remove cellulite;

• to reduce muscular tension;

• to improve body counters;

• for rehabilitation after surgery, to reduce swelling;

• to tighten the skin after liposuction and after pregnancy.

The modern laser center of cosmetology Della Rossa offers only an individual approach to each client.
Lipolaser or laser lipolysis
The method involves the use of laser equipment and has some features:

• the device is equipped with laser diodes, with a cold spectrum and a wavelength of 640 nm.

• The laser melts the fat directly in your problem areas

• Cells containing fat are released and disappear by themselves;

this changes the volume of the body, reducing the weight. The procedure is absolutely safe.
The maximum result can be obtained for 10 – 15 sessions, each lasts 30 minutes.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cell volume by freezing. The device for cryolipolysis acts on the fat cells, cooling them, and then the fat is released into the extracellular space and is eliminated naturally. This procedure is easy and does not require special training. Competent specialists will consult you and choose procedures for body contouring.

An innovative method based on ultrasonic fat melting in problem areas and even on the face. Metabolic processes after the procedure of cavitation are accelerated and remove excesses through the lymphatic system. After this method of weight loss, the skin condition improves very much, cellulite is eliminated. It is very important that after such exposure there is absolutely no bruisings and scarrings on the body are left. The laser center Della Rossa offers its services in carrying out this procedure. The course of procedures consists of 5 sessions.
This is one of the types of anti-cellulite massage, which is carried out by special equipment. There are three types of effects • therapeutic; • aesthetic; • sporty. The type of exposure is selected depending on the condition of the body and the individual needs of the client.
Another method for non-invasive body contouring treatment called LipoSonix. It affects the body with high-intensity sound waves. This method differs from other similar methods by its focused influence. There is no rehabilitation period, but the result will be noticeable not immediately about a month later, during this time the destroyed fat melts and is eliminated from the body naturally. Consultants of the laser center Della Rossa, draw the attention of the customers that this method does not contribute to weight loss, but removes an extra layer of fat where it is impossible to reduce by sports and diets.
This procedure of lymphatic drainage compression massage is performed by the apparatus, which supplies compressed air through special cuffs, and thus affects the lymphatic system. During the procedure: • Lymph movement is activated to the peripheral areas. • Stagnation of lymph is eliminated. • Venous blood is cleared. • Improvement of homeostasis. • Muscle tension is relieved. • Reduction of oxygen starvation. • Restoration of water balance. A pressotherapy procedure is carried out using a special suit, in which compressed air is supplied through the valves. Particularly positive the pressotherapy effects on the legs, which allows you to get rid of cellulite and reduce the volume of the thighs, is the prevention of varicose veins on the legs. To get a noticeable result, the experts of the center Della Rossa recommend the pressotherapy massage course that includes 10 sessions of 30 minutes each.
Lymphatic drainage
The apparatus lymphatic drainage massage is performed with aesthetic goals to recover the body. Lymphatic drainage massage is used to normalize the functioning of:

• the lymphatic system; • of cardio-vascular system;

• internal organs; • the nervous system.

The main result after the lymph drainage massage is the removal of cellulite and the removal of waste fluid from the body. Any of the modern non-invasive body contouring treatments is possible in the laser center Della Rossa.

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