Botox eye — a look for a million in just 20 minutes
Eyes — the main highlight of the face.Through them you can find out what is happening in the human soul. But the tender skin around them loses its former elasticity with age and hangs. Due to which the person acquires a melancholy expression. Return the glance of the former flame will help botox eye.
The essence of the procedure
Over the years “crow’s feet”are formed due to the reduced production of collagen and elastin. The essence of Botox injections under the eyes is to block the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. As a result, there is a temporary paralysis of mimicry, and, accordingly, restoration of skin elasticity in the form of wrinkle smoothing. Botox injections help relieve spasms, relax muscle tension, and reduce sweating. The effect of the procedure becomes noticeable within 7 days. Completely the result is formed after two weeks and can last up to a year. As soon as the period ends, repeated sessions are necessary to maintain the result. The most effective area for injections is the zone of the temples. The doctor delineates the exact zone of administration individually.
Technology of conducting
The day before the session it is important to limit the use of alcohol, antibiotics and anticoagulants. Also, you should not keep your head down. On the advice of an expert is required to conduct a full patient′s examination for contraindications, to disassemble the nature of the problem, calculate the number of sessions. On average, the procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. It is worth noting one important nuance. If the patient wants to get rid of bags under the eyes, you first need to find out the reason for their formation. It can be anything: bad habits, kidney failure, allergic reactions. In this case, the problem is solved at a more serious level and certainly not in a cosmetology salon.
The right to conduct
Only cosmetologist and plastic surgeons can perform Botox injections. Before the procedure, you can ask the doctor for a certificate of higher medical education, a certificate and permission for cosmetology. Also, the clinic in which the procedure is performed must have a license. Therefore, injections should be done only in specialized clinics.
List of contraindications:
• Allergy to the medicine;
• Infectious diseases;
• Epilepsy;
• Thyroid disease;
• Diabetes;
• Oncology;
• Renal and hepatic insufficiency;
• Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
• Inflammation in the injection zone;
• Decreased muscle tone;
• Disruption of blood clotting;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Intake of anticoagulants;
• General malaise;
• Tuberculosis;
• Period;
• Age after 65 years.
Recovery period
To get a 100% result, it is important to follow the recommendations for the care and restoration of the skin around the eye after botox:
• In the first 3 -4 hours you should not take a horizontal position and not sleep on your stomach the first night;
• Do not massage or touch the injection points;
• You should not actively engage in facial expressions, drink alcohol and use cosmetics on the first day;
• In the early days, flights, consumption of the food, which causes the fluid retention, hot showers and hair dryers are prohibited;
• It is necessary to limit visits to sauna, bath, solarium and beach for two weeks;
• It is recommended to refuse physical exercise and machine procedures.

• sickness;
• weakness;
• headache;
• redness;
• swelling;
• asymmetryoftheeyebrowsoreyelids;
• bruisesandhematoma.
Onbotoxaroundtheeyes, thepriceinUkrainedependsonseveralfactors:
• theclient’sage;
• natureoftheproblembeingsolved;
• manufactureranddosage of the medicine;
• experienceof a specialist;
• settingoftheprocedure.
ThetimetosavetheresultsdependsontherateofcleavageofBotox, whichiswhytheperiodofactionforeachisdifferent.
IfyoudecidedtointroduceBotoxundertheeyes, thenthelasercosmeticcenter «DellaRossa» hospitablyholdsopenitsdoorstoyou. Registerfor a consultation, andwewillgiveyouyouthagain!

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