Botox underarms from sweat — forget what is discomfort
Excessive sweating is the cause of discomfort and uncertainty of many women and men. In solving this problem botox in the armpits will help.
Functioning of sebaceous glands
Hyperhidrosis is formed if the CNS is unstrung and easily influenced by external factors. The problems are not simple and require a lengthy correction. Therefore, the hyperhidrosis of the armpits can be treated with botox.
Operating principle
After studying the principle of the toxin action on the functioning of sweat glands, scientists discovered a blockage of pulses of nerve fibers. That means the order to develop sweat does not flow into the “control point”. The disadvantage of the procedure is its temporary effect, after which the procedure must be repeated.
Performance of manipulations
Before starting the procedure, the doctor must conduct a patient′s survey for contraindications. Botox injections in armpits are performed only after hair removal from the correction area. It is best to do this a few days before the procedure. Also, before the session should refrain from physical exertion, alcohol and anticoagulants. Botulin toxin is injected intramuscular with an insulin syringe with a thin needle. That’s why the manipulation is painless. Moreover, before correction, the area of the armpits is cleaned of excess contaminants, anesthetized with a professional gel, and only then they beginto inject the medicine. Botox in the armpits from sweat is injected to a depth of not more than 3 mm. The session with the cosmetologist lasts up to one hour. The effect lasts up to a year.
Indications for Botox use
Armpits tend to form wrinkles and creases. The properties of botulinum toxin level the skin, affecting the facial muscles, blocking their work. Also, beauty injections can eliminate scarring and reduce sweating.

Botox injections in the armpits are completely safe. However, this procedure is not allowed to all. The main contraindications include:
1. Pregnancy and lactation;
2. Increased sensitivity;
3. Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
4. Diseases of the nervous system;
5. Muscle weakness;
6. Coagulation disorder;
7. Allergy;
8. Renal and hepatic impairment;
9. Epilepsy;
10. Glaucoma;
11. Predisposition to the formation of keloid scars;
12. Period;
13. Benign and malignant formations;
14. Inflammation of the skin;
15. Injuries to the armpits.
Care instructions
After the procedure, it is necessary to follow the restrictions:
1. Do not use deodorants;
2.  Refuse to visit the sauna, bath, solarium and beach for three weeks
3. Leave physical activities, that are, visiting the gym;
4. Alcohol should not be taken within two weeks;
5. It is forbidden to massage the correction area.
The first noticeable results will appear after a few days as a kind of reduced sweating. In two weeks it will be possible to forget about such concept, as sweat of months on 6-9.
Possible side effects
The main complications are:
1. Redness;
2. Puffiness;
3. Itching and burning;
4. Painful sensations;
5. Bruises and hematoma;
6. Decreased sensitivity;
7. Muscular weakness.
Usually, within a few days after the injection of Botox, they pass. If the side effects persist longer, it is worth contacting the therapist.
Cost of the procedure
The price in Kiev depends on several factors:
1. Level of the clinic;
2. Qualification of the doctor;
3. Age of the client;
4. The degree of the problem being solved;
5. Dosage of the medicine;
6. The manufacturer.

Complete the procedure
To gain your confidence in yourself, the experts of the laser cosmetic center ″Della Rossa» have developed innovative methods of fighting hyperhidrosis. We will provide the best medicines, gentle treatment and individual approach. All that you need to do is to leave a request on the site so that our specialists can contact you in the very near future.

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