Women’s trump card or what is botox lip
Alas, over the years, the muscles of the lips, like any other, lose their tonus and become thinner. To return the former shape and volume will help botox lips.
The essence of injections
Botox is a way to get the old form of the lips, lost under the influence of age-related changes. However, liposuction with Botox is not possible, as there is a widespread opinion. Its main function is to paralyze the impulses of the muscles, limiting facial expressions, and to smooth out wrinkles around the mouth line.
Application technology
At the first meeting, the cosmetologist conducts diagnostics of the contraindications to the procedure. The session starts with an antiseptic and an anaesthesia treatment of the skin. Botox is needled around the lips with a distance of 2-3 mm intramuscularly. Positive changes can be noticed immediately after the procedure, and within a week the effect will only increase, and will persist for 5-12 months. After the expiration of the preset period, the substance is removed from the body, and the procedure must be repeated.
Indications and contraindications
• asymmetry;
• uneven contours and outlines;
• wrinkles around the mouth;
• cornering;
• the habit of pressing your lips.
• allergy to the drug;
• benign and malignant formations;
• poor blood clotting;
• inflammation of chronic diseases;
• diabetes;
• oncology;
• muscle weakness;
• thyroid disease;
• inflammation of the skin;
• epilepsy;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• period;
• age under 18 and after age 65;
• taking anticoagulants.
Rehabilitation period
It is very important to keep to the rules:
• first hours after the procedure you cannot take a reclining position or stood the head;
• the first day you do not need to use make-up, you should not wash yourself;
• no massage or touch to the treated area;
• no active facial expressions;
• refuse to visit the gym, sauna, solarium, bath, beach and hot tubs;
• for 10-12 days, alcohol and anticoagulants are not allowed;
• do not expose your skin to additional machine procedures.

Possible complications

• numbness of the lips;
• violation of articulation;
• swelling;
• redness;
• bruises and hematoma.
Used components
Botox is dosed by the units of action. The price of the service depends on their quantity. To tighten the corners of the mouth and smooth wrinkles around, you need to use 3 to 6 units. Dosages for all are different. The Ukrainian market of medical preparations represents three official substances used most often — Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.
The difference between Botox.
There are a lot of questions in the network about the difference between contour plastics and Botox. It’s simple. Plastic is used to correct the shape and increase the volume. Botox also eliminates the problems associated with time – wrinkles and creases on the skin.
Service cost
On the botox lips the price in Kiev is based on the following factors:
• the age of the patient;
• correction scale;
• the nature of the problem;
• manufacturer of the medicine;
• dosage of the substance;
• the level of the clinic or salon.

Complete the procedure
Having made a decision on the correction of the lips, you should understand that the success of the procedure directly depends on the qualification of the specialist. Therefore, before you place the skin under the needle, you should carefully check the education and experience of the beautician. In the center of laser cosmetology «Della Rossa» you can get acquainted with all the necessary documentation of our team.

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