Effect of disport
Neurotoxin as a component of the disport, leads to relaxation of the musculature, and as a result, to smoothing the creases on the dermis. The effect lasts from six months to a year, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. The first results will be visible after a couple of days, but completely formed in two weeks.

• Minority;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Dermatological diseases;
• Violation of the skin integrity;
• Allergy to the medicine;
• A recently performed facial plastic;
• Alcohol abuse;
• Myasthenia gravis;
• Poor blood clotting;
• Endocrine system diseases;
• Tendency to formation of keloid scars.
• Intake of the anticoagulants.
Side effects
• Swelling;
• Redness;
• Painful sensations;
• Bruises;
• Allergies;
• Asymmetry.


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