disp-lico-1Dysport under the eyes is a way to get rid of mimic wrinkles around the eyes, frontal, glabellar areas and also to eliminate radical wrinkles in the corners. With the help of a neurotoxin, the medicine blocks excessive activity of facial muscles. That is, provoked paralysis, will not allow more frown, due to which Botox and Dysport — similarities and differences
disp-lico-2Both drugs are absolutely safe, and their effectiveness exceeds all expectations. However, the duration the disport is easier to spread under the skin, due to which it is easy to process the area around the eyes with its help. The contraindications for both are the same, but the price varies — the disport is cheaper.
Indications for use
• Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes;
• Omission of the eyelid;
• Creases on the nose and nasal bridge;
• Lowered corners of the mouth;
• Wrinkles around the lips;
• The sagging oval of the face;
• Tense chin;
• Protruding chewing muscles;
• Gummy smile.
• Treatment of acne and post-acne.

disp-lico-3It is important that the correction of wrinkles carried out by a certified and experienced specialist, to avoid side effects.
The substance is considered in units. Usually the following amount is spent on a person:
• Nasal bridge — 10-20;
• Forehead — 8-20;
• Area around the eyes — 12 – 20;
• Area around the lips — 6 – 16;
• Decollete, neck — from 24.
Disport in Kyiv
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