Intense pulsed light (IPL)-this method is relatively new, but effective and absolutely safe.
What is IPL?
IPL is a technique of hair removal using the light stream. Hair is removed by destroying the hair follicle under the influence of light.
The special device, IPL hair removal is used.
In Kyiv IPL is performed in beauty salon Della Rossa.
• IPL bikini zone;
• IPL face;
• IPL arms;
• IPL legs;
• IPL body.
The cost depends on the size of the treatment area.
Types of laser hair removal:

Each type of treatments has certain characteristics; the skin care specialist chooses a program for hair removal on the body, depending on the type of hair.
How does the procedure work?
The skin care specialists of the beauty salon Della Rossa take training courses on the use of high-tech equipment; they can recommend the program with regard to the individual features of the client.
During your treatment, you’ll need to wear dark glasses to protect your eyes. The skin should be carefully treated, for this the special gels are used. The specialist chooses the necessary frequency packets. They penetrate the skin evenly and do no harm to it. Often the patient feels only a slight tingling and warmth. It is very rare when the IPL hair removal causes pain. This procedure lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. The number of procedures depends on the thickness and color of the hair. In general, the hair will never grow on the treated area; sometimes a repeated treatment is required in a few months. Requirements for the procedure. This procedure requires some preparation. So, for example, the hair should overhang 1-2 cm above the skin. There should not be any wounds on the skin. Before the procedure, you cannot do other types of hair removal, except shaving. Advantages of IPL:
• The speed of the procedure;
• Without irritation and scars on the body;
• Absolute safety;
• Painlessness;
• The positive effect of the procedure on the skin;
• Hair removal for a long time and sometimes forever.
If you want to know how much IPL hair removal costs, you should only contact the consultant of the beauty salon Della Rossa, and you will be told the approximate price of one procedure. By purchasing immediately a course of procedures, you can significantly reduce the cost and save your money. The cost can be affected by the treated area of the skin, which must be removed.
IPL in Kiev: Contact us and experts of the “Della Rossa” will help you to become more beautiful!
ELOS is a new method of hair removal, which combines photo and laser hair removal.
After 5 procedures, the hair is completely removed. We propose to undergo ELOS hair removal at affordable prices.
Advantages of ELOS:
• 100% result;
• Effectiveness absolute painlessness;
• Long-lasting result;
• does not injure the skin;
• it is safe for health.
It allows you to get rid of hair in a short time and forever. During the procedure you might feel a little of tingling;
Are there any contraindications for the procedure?
Before doing hair removal, an experienced skin care specialist tells you about the contraindications to this procedure. ELOS is not recommended when:
• Oncological diseases;
• Epilepsy;
• Herpes;
• Pregnant and lactating mothers;
• Hypersensitivity to light.

1. Hello, I have never done photoepilation, now I'm interested, it's a deep bikini, but there is a question how much it hurts? And are painkillers applied and what are they during the procedure? Thank you in advance.

Hello! Painfulness during photoepilation is minimized and also depends on your sensitivity. Anesthetics are used at your request! For more information, you can get a free consultation!

2. Good afternoon! Prompt, what length of hair in an epilation zone should be before procedure of a photoepilation?

Good afternoon! Hair length in the treatment area should be 1-2 mm.

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