The method of photorejuvenation quickly eliminates skin defects and signs of aging. The principle of photoemission is quite simple: the skin receives light radiation with certain frequencies. This radiation comes to the skin, smoothing and restoring it. This procedure can be called a physiological method. It stimulates the natural processes in the skin to maintain a tone.
Depending on the machine, several types of photorejuvenation are distinguished:
• Laser. The most popular form of photorejuvenation, which is carried out using a neodymium laser.
• IPL. This type of photorejuvenation involves exposure to the skin of the face with frequent flashes, very intense with a certain frequency.
• ELOS. The device for ELOS — rejuvenation emits light of electrical origin.
• Collagenic. The skin is affected by special collagen lamps, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Each types of photorejuvenation you can take in the cosmetic center Della Rossa in Kiev. Efficiency:
• Skin whitening, pigmentation removal.
• Deceleration of aging processes.
• Improvement of skin elasticity.
• Full smoothing of fine wrinkles.
• Narrowing of pores.
• Treatment of acne.
The cost of photorejuvenation depends only on the number of necessary sessions, and on the modernity of the machine, which is used in the rejuvenation program.
Do you want to become fresh and more beautiful? Then choose photorejuvenation and trust our specialists with serious work experience.

1. What are the contraindications to photorejuvenation?

Contraindications can be divided into specific and general. Specific contraindications are associated with increased sensitivity of the skin to light. This includes: taking certain medications, fresh tanning, and some skin diseases. General contraindications are the same as for any other physiotherapeutic cosmetology procedures.

2. How many sessions of photorejuvenation need to be done to achieve the effect?

The course of procedures is determined individually and can be up to 10 procedures with an interval of every 2-3 weeks.

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