Light therapy or phototherapy comes to our aid — a procedure that will fill the life with light.

The center of modern cosmetology Della Rossa offers a phototherapy service at the lowest prices in Ukraine.

This is absolutely safe procedure, which is carried out with the use of special equipment. In cosmetology, special diode, halogen or fluorescent lamps are used for this. The peculiarity of these lamps is in the width and brightness of the radiation. Lamps emit a pleasant soft light, which is incredibly useful for the body, under its influence, biochemical processes are activated. Stimulated skin elastin, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

After treatment with light, the skin becomes tauter. The customer is within the scope of the lamp, relaxes and simultaneously improves health. The session can last up to 30 minutes and it is possible to expose selected areas of the body, covering all others. During the procedure, eyes are protected with special glasses; a protective cream is applied to the delicate skin of the lips and neck.
Phototherapy has a number of indications and contraindications. Cosmetologists of the center Della Rossa recommend phototherapy in such cases:
• Depression, stress, chronic fatigue;
• psoriasis;
• dark spots;
• dermatitis.
In the presence of certain diseases, phototherapy is categorically contraindicated:
• retinal diseases;
• oncological diseases;
• increased photosensitivity;
• epilepsy;
• pregnancy;
• Thyroid disease.
Professional phototherapy should be performed in combination with special ointments or creams. The price of the procedure in Kiev is absolutely affordable, and the benefits to the body are invaluable.

In order to enroll in phototherapy, you need to contact a consultant of the center Della Rossa, and you will find a convenient time for light treatment.

1. Hello. How to remove pigmentation spots from the face?

Good afternoon. Various methods can be used to eliminate pigmentation. First you need to study the nature of the pigmentation spots on your face. Find out if it is short-term or permanent. When hyperpigmentation, for example, there is an overabundance of melanin. To eliminate pigmentation can be used peeling, elos procedure, laser. Come to us for personal consultation.

2. I read on the Internet that the phototherapy of blood vessels can not be performed after sunburn, how long does it take to be able to carry out the procedure?

Good afternoon! Before the start of the procedure should be at least 3 weeks and, accordingly, after the procedure, it is not recommended to sunbathe the same term. It will also be necessary to protect the skin from the sun, using sunscreen daily to prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

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