The face tells about the character of a person, his habits and lifestyle. Traces of joy and grief are imprinted on the skin in the form of wrinkles and creases. Especially for the women modern cosmetology has developed injections of botox.
The essence of the procedure
The magical properties of botulinum toxin (botox) were discovered quite accidentally in 1982 during studies in the field of ophthalmology. Botox toxin provokes inflammation of botulism. Toxins block the work of the muscles, causing paralysis. Initially, the toxin was used to treat diseases of the nervous system, now Botox injections are used in cosmetology for the solution of age-related changes.
Technology of conducting
The injections are made using a special syringe with a thin needle. The doctor first treats the skin with an antiseptic, following an anesthetic cream, and proceeds to point injections into facial muscles. When the botox is inside the body, it temporarily blocks the susceptibility of the muscles to nerve impulses, causing paralysis, and as a result, the creases on the skin are smoothed. The essence of botox against wrinkles is to reduce the increased activity of facial muscles.
Indications for the procedure
Three days before the injection, it is necessary to stop taking antibiotics, anticoagulants and alcohol.

Botox can be used if there is a desire to get rid of:
• horizontal wrinkles on the forehead;
• wrinkles on the bridge of the nose;
The habit of experiencing disgust goes away with wrinkles.
• «crow’s feet»;
• Increased sweating;.
• Wrinkles in the neck and neck area;
• Flabby skin.
The effect of Botox is fully manifested after two weeks; however the first positive changes will be noticeable in a few days. The doctor conducts the patient’s diagnosis, takes tests to make sure that there is no allergy to botulinum toxin, and only then proceeds directly to injections.
Taboo procedure
Beauty injections are prohibited if there is at least one contra-indication from the list:
• pregnancy and lactation;
• muscle weakness;
• exacerbation of chronic diseases;
• infectious disease;
• ophthalmic diseases;
• hernia of the eyelids;
• inflammation of the skin;
• individual intolerance to the drug;
• tuberculosis;
• diabetes;
• oncology;
• renal and hepatic insufficiency;
• poor blood clotting;
• taking anticoagulants;
• age under 18 years.

To maintain a permanent result, a full course of procedures will be required, consisting of 3-8 sessions (depending on the problem being solved) annually.
Applicable substances
Botox dosage is measured not in grams, but in units of action. And the price for services is formed, taking into account the used volume.

Usually, the correction uses:
• horizontal forehead folds: 4-14 units;
• interbrow fold: 7-24 units;
• «crow’s feet»: 7-15 units;
• corners of the mouth: 3-7 units;
• wrinkles of the upper lip: 2-5 units;
Dosage is selected by the doctor individually. The important role is played by the degree of wrinkles, their nature and condition of the tissues. Currently, drugs are actively used in Ukraine — Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Their difference is in dosage and stabilizing components.
Possible side effects
Botox treatment should be carried out strictly according to the technology. If the doctor is inexperienced or the patient’s sensitivity is high, the following side effects may occur:
• spasm of the eyelids;
• lowering of the eyebrows;
• internal hemorrhage;
• impaired mobility;
• headache;
• swelling;
• asymmetry.

Rehabilitation period
To prevent negative consequences after Botox, it is important to adhere to certain limitations:
• do not take a horizontal position for 4 hours after the session;
• Restrict the use of alcohol, strong coffee and spicy food for a day;
• Do not touch the injection site for a couple of days;
• Do not tilt your head down for a long time for two days;
• abandon the increased physical exertion for two days;
• Limit visits to sauna, bath, solarium, beach and taking a hot bath for two weeks.
If you follow all the recommendations, you can accelerate the effect of Botox and save it for a longer time. There are cases when botulinum toxin does not affect a person at all. This occurs if the patient previously underwent botulism and was treated with botox in large quantities.
Sphere of influence
The effect achieved depends directly on the person’s age:
• up to 25 years of age — usually at this age there is still no serious evidence to conduct;
• 30-40 years — aging changes are clearly manifested, because botox effectively smoothes out all the creases;
• 50-60 years — because of the weakening of the fibers, the result of the beauty injections is not so pronounced;
• after 60 years — the effect of botox does not work.
Botox injections — cost in Kiev
The procedure is formed for each client individually.
The most important thing during the session is the client’s confidence in the professionalism of the cosmetologist. We were able to make more than one hundred people happy, and we continue to improve our skills every day. In our center you will receive highly qualified service, guaranteed result and only positive emotions.

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