Injection of hyaluronic acid for the face

The first detail that you pay attention to when meeting you is your face. Unfortunately with age, his skin becomes flabby and loses elasticity. Wrinkles appear, and the complexion becomes unhealthy. This is why hundreds of types of rejuvenating therapies and procedures have been created. And the most effective of them are injections of hyaluronic acid.

The principle of the action of hyaluronic acid

Already from the name of the procedure it is clear that the technique is injective. That is, the doctor-cosmetologist introduces deep into the skin the dosed amount of the drug with a syringe with a thin needle.
In many creams, gels and masks used by women around the world, the composition contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, necessary to maintain youthful skin. However, creams can not have a direct effect on the functioning of epidermal cells.
Injections of hyaluronic acid give this effect. Getting into the human body, the synthesis of the drug stimulates the renewal of the production of hyaluronic acid by natural means.
Thus, the procedure is the most natural and safe for a person.

Who is recommended to inject hyaluronic acid?

The procedure successfully solves a number of the following problems:
● hyaluronic acid saturates the skin cells with moisture, eliminating dryness and flabbiness;
● has a photo-rejuvenating effect at the first signs of aging;
● Increases muscle tone, aligns the relief;
● restores the skin after laser and chemical peelings, surgical intervention.
And yet, with all the virtues, injections of hyaluronic acid have their contraindications:
● an allergic reaction caused by the drug;
● pregnancy and the period of feeding;
● skin inflammation;
● poor blood coagulation;
● autoimmune diseases;
● taking anticoagulants;
● presence in the correction zone of other excipients;
● malignant or benign neoplasms ;;
● diabetes mellitus;
● exacerbation of chronic diseases;
● fever;
● no 18 years.

In addition, injections should not be visited by a doctor at elevated temperature and PMS.

After injections with hyaluronic acid, side effects and certain complications are possible:
● inflammation due to the negligence of the doctor to the skin and instruments;
● allergy — may occur due to poor quality of the drug or individual intolerance;
● displacement of the injected substance;
● Formation of seals at the injection site.
This occurs if the specialist is inexperienced or if the patient violates the recommendations for rehabilitation.
Let everyone have their own individual characteristics, it is worth sticking to the general recommendations for rapid recovery after injections of hyaluronic acid:

● The first day you can not wash, use cosmetics, touch the face, so that the drugs do not shift. Yes, there are certain types of massage for a better distribution of the substance under the skin, but only a doctor should do it;
● traces of punctures should be treated with an antiseptic to avoid infection with the infection;
● During two weeks you should refrain from visiting the sauna, gym, solarium and beach.

How effective is the procedure?

The main advantage of injections is that hyaluronic acid is perceived by the body and built into its tissues, without disrupting the processes occurring in them. And the obtained effect of rejuvenation persists for up to a year.
Throughout this time, the substance is under the skin, keeping it supple and elastic, and eventually dissolves and absorbed by the body as a natural phenomenon.

What procedures apply hyaluronic acid?

There are three basic procedures with the use of hyaluronic acid for skin rejuvenation.

Eliminates pigmentation and scars from the face. Has a photo-rejuvenating effect. Frequent microinjections are performed. A full course of injecting treatment is required.
Contour plastic
Eliminates congenital or age-related facial cosmetic imperfections, such as relief or asymmetry.
Its main feature is to eliminate signs of aging of the facial skin.

Injection with hyaluronic acid: drugs for injection

In cosmetology medicine there are preparations of two types of action — long and permanent.

Long-acting drugs consist of hyaluronate and collagen to stimulate metabolism and improve tissue connectivity. Thanks to their symbiosis the skin acquires a healthy face shade, elasticity and elasticity.
A mixture for injections is important. If the composition only collagen — the effect lasts up to 4 months, hyaluronate — up to 6 months. And the combination of these two components ensures the preservation of the result for 15 months.

Drugs of permanent action are designed to eliminate serious age-related changes, such as wrinkles, pronounced nasolabial folds, flabbiness of the skin. The result obtained from this type is retained for 18 months.

On the procedure of injection with hyaluronic acid, the price in Kiev is rather big, if you want to see a qualitative result. The cost of one session depends on the age of the patient, the extent of the problem with which he addressed, the composition and dosages of injectable drugs, and most importantly — from the experience of a medical cosmetologist. At the price of injections of hyaluronic acid for the face, the type of drug used is also influenced: filler, mezo-cocktails or biorevitalizants. Depends on the level of the cosmetology salon, the cost of the procedure will vary significantly. Where to make hyaluronic acid injections in Kiev? After reading the article, you realized that this procedure is quite complicated. Therefore, it requires a professional in his field with years of experience and length of service. Such a specialist creates a feeling of comfort and safety for the patient, and he wants to return to him again and again. The center of Della Rossa invites you to undergo the procedure of rejuvenation with our specialists. Qualitative work is the key to success in any business. And we know this, providing our clients only with quality care and treatment.

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