Are beauty injections effective?
Experience has shown, from one injection you should not expect a visible effect; about 10 procedures may be needed.
Advantage of beauty injections
• Effectiveness;
• Safety;
• Lasting effect.
Botox is a popular injectable medicine
Small doses of Botox are injected into a certain area, as a result, muscles contract and wrinkles are smoothed out. It is recommended to use Botox every 3-4 months.
5 reasons to contact us
1. We use proven, safe and effective medicines for beauty injections.
2. Our center takes care of every client.
3. Our team works on the result.
4.  The services are affordable and we know how to save your material expenses.
5. Cooperate with us is always nice and reliable.
As no one else we will take care of your beauty!

Modern cosmetic center Della Rossa performs tattoo removal with laser
Main advantages:
• No signs of laser effect on the skin, the scars and burns.
• Painless procedure.
• Safety of tattoo removal
• Lack of a long recovery period after laser application.
Appeal to Della Rossa, you will deal only with the most professional beauticians in Kiev, they’re good at their jobs.
Laser tattoo removal does not cause pain, allergic reactions and discomfort.
Reasons to remove the tattoo in our center:
• We offer a unique technology of tattoo removal and are ready to please you with democratic prices.
• We will remove the tattoo without pain and anesthesia.
• Before conducting the procedure, we first determine the client’s contraindications and only then get on with it.
• We will remove the tattoo safe.
The laser cosmetic center “Della Rossa” is waiting for you!

1. Good evening. I'm going through a massage course, can I combine it with biorevitalization?

Hello. Within 5-7 days after the procedure, biorevitalization should be limited to anything that can lead to increased circulation in the face. This is a visit to the sauna or sauna, and active physical activity, as well as massage and other physiotherapy for the face.
Therefore, in this case, biorevitalization is worth doing when the massage course is completed.

2. Hello. How many mesotherapy procedures are needed to achieve the desired result? Will the effect be noticeable after the first procedure?

Good afternoon. The course of mesotherapy consists of 8-10 procedures (if we are talking about procedures for the face). As a rule, the effect is noticeable after the second, as a last resort, the third procedure. But sometimes after the first one. The skin becomes more nourished, radiant. With subsequent procedures, the effect increases.

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