The good appearance of the genitals and their healthy state are very important for the self-esteem of each person. Therefore it is so critical for women to get rid of the aesthetic problems that often result after the childbirth or aging of tissues.

By means of the intimate contouring plastyin the laser cosmetology center DellaRossa it is possible:
• increase the volume of large and small labia;
• correct congenital asymmetry of the labia;
• eliminate the consequences of genital tract injuries;
• adjust age and / or postpartum changes;
• improve the hydration of the vaginal mucosa;
• correct the clitoral area and the G point, which improves sexual sensations;
• restore libido.


Contouring plastic will correct:
• Urinary incontinence that occurs as a result of difficult (frequent) births or against the background of age-related changes that have led to a weakening of the sphincter function;
• Lowering the vaginawalls, weakening of his muscles;
• A decrease in the natural moisture of the vaginal mucosa due to age-related changes and, as a result, the deterioration of sexual life due to pain.

The most important advantage of intimate contouring plasty — this method of correction is not surgical. During the procedure, solutions based on hyaluronic acid are introduced into the tissue.
The fillers are injected using a syringe with a very thin needle. It is performed under local anesthesia.


Indications for women are:
•Low elasticity of the vagina muscle due to age-related changes or childbirth;
• With severe asymmetry, lipodystrophy and congenital development of large and small labia;
• Changing of the vagina size;
• The need to correct the location of the point G;
• Microcracks (postoperative, postpartum), damage to the sheath of the vagina;
• Weakening of sphincter muscles, enuresis;
• Lack of orgasm (full or partial);
• Lack of sensation during coition, as well as dryness, burning, pain before and after it;
• Partial or complete atrophy of the vulva;
• The need to get rid of complexes associated with non-ideal state of genital organs and other reasons.

Intimate contouringplasty is not performed in the following cases:
• For visitors under the age of 18;
• In women during menstruation (allowed 3-4 days before or after the end of menstruation);
• During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
• For infectious or bacterial diseases;
• In the presence of gynecological and urological problems;
• By people with oncology disease;
• If the patient has mental disorders.

Thus, the final cost of the correction course can be determined accurately only by consulting a specialist in a cosmetology salon.

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