The advantage of this method is beyond doubt. If you contact the Della Rossa center, you will be able to enroll in the course of procedures at the lowest price in Kiev.Especially popular is non-surgical liposuction. Women are treated by this method when diet and exercise no longer help. One of the varieties of liposuction is ultrasonic cavitation.
What is cavitation?
Ultrasonic cavitation is fat removal in a specific area by the ultrasound. This is a very effective method of the body countering, especially effective in eliminating fat on the face, cheeks, and chin.
The main advantages of cavitation:

The procedure should be performed without anesthesia. Only local anesthesia is administered with the patient’s consent.
• Painless operation.
• The skin is not damaged at all. There is no scarring left.
• Ultrasound keeps the skin sensitive.
• Absence of the post operational period. There is no need to stay in a hospital under medical supervision.
• The effect is noticeable within a week.
• The ability to reduce the large amount of fat in one procedure.
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The principle of ultrasonic cavitation is ultrasonic waves affect the adipose tissue. The metabolic process is accelerated, which also helps to reduce weight and remove all excess from the body. The procedure does not take more than 30 minutes. During this time, it is possible to get rid of fatty deposits and cellulite in the problem areas. Fat will be removed from the body for a long time after the procedure. For the best results a course of 5 cavitation sessions is advised.
Contraindications for ultrasonic cavitation:
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Liver, kidney, heart disease;
• Skin diseases;
• Diabetes mellitus;
• Presence of malignant tumors;
• Menstrual period.
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1. Good afternoon! Help, please, with advice! The fact is that after the birth I have the entire stomach in the stretch marks, and of course the skin is dangling (not in tonus). In general, the abdomen has not greatly increased in volume, but the skin is flabby, especially seen as it "hangs" under the navel closer to the pubic bone. Stretch marks are very strong - on the entire surface of the abdomen with a call to the pelvic bones. Will cavitation help me in this case?

Hello! Flabbiness of the skin after birth is well adjusted with a vacuum-roller massage in combination with RF therapy (for example, Vela Shape apparatus). Ultrasonic cavitation is aimed at treating cellulite, reducing the volume and local fat deposits. If you are more concerned about flabbiness of the skin, stretch marks, it is better to come to an individual consultation and examination to a cosmetologist in our clinic, to choose the most effective procedures and identify possible contraindications to them. So stretch marks are perfectly removed by the course of procedures on CO2 laser.

2. Do I need to follow a special diet during the course?

Hello. It is necessary to limit consumption of salty, spicy, smoked and fatty foods, alcoholic beverages during the course of cavitation. Try to drink as much liquid as possible (at least 2 liters per day). In more detail you will be told on the consultation in our Center.

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