This procedure is for people over 18 years of age.

The technique has a large number of advantages and is widely used for:
• Changes in volume, allowing you to increase the volume of the upper and lower lips;
• The formation or additional underscoring of beautiful lip contours and their shape, drawing columns of the filter and Cupid’s arc;
• Remove wrinkles on the lips in order to give them young look back.
• Giving the lips a different degree of splendor — from very light to well-marked;
• Lifting the corners of the mouth;
• Reducing the visibility of scars or other old defects;
• Restore normal moisturizing of lips;


Lipcontouring plasty is an injection procedure that allows you to adjust the shape of your lips or give them the desired volume by injecting hyaluronic acid or other substances. The list of contraindications for lip plasty is similar to contraindications for other types of contouringplasty.
Cosmetologists of Ukraine use a large number of agents based on hyaluronic acid, which has a minimum number of contraindications and don’t cause allergic reactions. Various modifications of Restylane, Juvederm (Juviderm), Surgiderm, Yvoire (Ivor), Teosyal (Teosyal) are most often used.


Also for contour lip plastics the agents containing collagen and polymer gels are used to correct the following problems:
• Superficial wrinkles;
• Lack of lip volume;
• Folds in the lower eyelid;
• Folds around the mouth;
• Insufficient volume of cheekbones;
• Correcting the shape of the chin;
• Smoothing out the relief of the skin.


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