One of the most frequently performed cosmetic corrections of the face is the plastic of the cheekbones. This is due to the person’s desire to give the person expressiveness, to make his features more vivid, memorable or to correct the outlines of the face’s oval that have changed with age.

The contouring plasty- allows you to remove wrinkles, change the face oval, and tighten the contours. For this technique, preparations based on hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances are used.


Contour plastic cheekbones are shown in the following cases:
• If the shape of the cheekbones is poor or their birth defects are present;
• With sunken cheeks;
• If the face shape is irregular in shape;
• In the case of a pronounced nasolacrimal fissure.
Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure:
• Rapid achievement of results with a short duration of treatment sessions;
• Correcting the shape of the cheekbones is combined with simultaneous smoothing of wrinkles on the face;
• Extremely low incidence of allergic reactions to drugs;
• No scars and the ability to easily correct minor side effects or deficiencies.
Disadvantages of the procedure:
• The presence of contraindications, in which this correction is not carried out;
• A relatively short-term effect and the need to periodically repeat the procedure;
• High enough price;
• The possible occurrence of pain during the session.

The list of contraindications is rather small, which allows any woman to undergo a course of plastic cheekbones.This technique has been used for a long time and the technique of its implementation has been worked out in detail. Therefore, one of the most important conditions for achieving good results is the choice of an experienced competent specialist who conducts such manipulations. By contacting of the laser cosmetology center «Della Rossa» you can have an appointment with the cosmeticians who are engaged in carrying out various kinds of cheekbones contouring plastyfor many years and are guaranteed to receive an excellent result. Cheekbones contouring plastyis not much different from carrying out other types of contour plastics. The doctor determines the degree of intervention required, the number of sessions, and selects the drugs. There is practically no need for additional tests, but in some cases it may be necessary to sample for lack of allergic reactions to the drugs used.


Mandatory requirements that the patient must strictly observe before commencing the procedures
• Don’t engage in sports activities or take alcohol during the day before the session;
• With a predisposition to herpes have the course of antiviral medications before starting treatment;
• Don’t carry out serious cosmetic procedures (peeling, skin resurfacing and others).

Rehabilitation after plasty
In the first days after the procedure, it is forbidden to perform actions that can change the blood microcirculation, and also requires gentle skin care using creams and masks. Also for several days it is not recommended to touch by hands to the injection sites, and for two weeks it is forbidden to sunbathe, visit the sauna or solarium. Complete rehabilitation takes place within 2-3 weeks.

For 3-7 days there may be a slight swelling and bruising at the injection site. To reduce swelling, it is enough to restrict the intake of liquid and to remove bruises use a cold compress. The hyaluronic acid formulations are most commonly used for plastics, which allow binding water in the intercellular space and promoting normal skin moisturizing, ensuring its rejuvenation. The most effective in this group are Surgiderm and Restylane.

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