Thread lifting under the eyes. Innovative technique prevents premature aging and returns the skin to youth.
Indications for threadlifting
• «Crow’s feet»;
• Cornering;
• Mimic wrinkles;
• Sagging eyelids;
• Bags under the eyes;
• Frown wrinkles



The introduction of threads is carried out with the help of needle-conductors. They are injected under the skin with the thread, fixed, and removed, leaving the medicine inside. Around the embedded needles, a skeleton of collagen and elastin fibers begins to form. They attract new young cells. After a year the substance dissolves, due to its biodegradable condition and is excreted from the body. The formed frame remains in its place up to five years.


Contraindications to the procedure:
• Diabetes;
• Oncological diseases;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Infectious diseases;
• Cardiovascular pathologies;
• Propensity to form keloid scars;
• Autoimmune diseases;
• Disruption of blood clotting;
• Mental disorders;
• Menstruation;
• Flu and temperature;
• Individual intolerance to the medicine.


Therefore, the procedure must be performed by an experienced specialist with a profile education; otherwise one small mistake can provoke asymmetry and distortion of appearance.



• In the first three days, avoid touching the correction area, as well as massaging this zone and sleeping on the abdomen;
• For two weeks it is necessary to suspend visiting of heating places that is a sauna, a bath, a sun deck, a beach;
• Do not go to the gym for the same time;
• Do not perform other cosmetic procedures before the end of the recovery period.

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