The thread pull procedure is carried out for the correction of such defects as:
• Mimic wrinkles around the eyes;
• A thin layer of skin;
• Ptosis of the eyelids;
• Formation of fatty hernias on the eyelids;
• pronounced nasolacrimal furrow;
• Dark circles with eyes.


Thread lifting is used after 25 years. It is effective up to 45. An important advantage is that the procedure does not violate the natural mimicry, but it corrects the formed creases. Manipulation of the threads introduction under the skin is different in speed and painlessness. Two weeks before the procedure, you must refuse to take alcohol, antibiotics and cigarettes.


Contraindications by such diseases:
• Diabetes;
• Oncology;
• Infectious diseases;
• Cardiovascular pathologies;
• Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
• Disruption of blood clotting;
• Autoimmune diseases;
• Mental disorders;
• Myopia;
• Propensity to formation of keloid scars.


Also, the procedure is not performed during pregnancy, during lactation, or because of allergies to the medicine. During the first consultation, it is worth to tell the doctor about all disease that you came through, allergies and tests for infection or intolerance of the substance.


The price for thread lifting injections in Kiev depends on several factors:
• The types of threads used;
• The age of the patient;
• The problem to be solved;
• Experience of a cosmetologist.
Specialists of the laser cosmetology center «Della Rossa» will help you get rid of any age-related changes and return the skin to youth and health.

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