Cosmetic center Della Rossa offers you a unique and very effective procedure —  cryo cool lifting of the face.

Cryo cool lifting: Advantages
Cryo cool lifting is an innovative cosmetology procedure. This is a safe treatment with artificial cold, as a result of which the hormonal processes of the skin are actively stimulated; the cells are supplied with oxygen. This procedure is carried out by the elasticity loss of the face, neck, décolleté, by skin aging, etc. This cosmetic technique nourishes the skin, improves metabolic processes and blood circulation.

Cryo cool lifting procedure.
• A cleanser is applied to the face.
• The cosmetologist sets certain settings to the device, sets the optimal temperature of the handle, which will interact with the skin. The probe slides over the skin, keeping to the massage lines.
• After exposure to a cold probe, a special cocktail of vitamins and microelements is applied to the skin with massage movements.
Cryo cool lifting is a rather comfortable treatment. There are no traces and redness on the skin left. The first positive results on the face can be noticed already after the first applications of cryolifting, but the result will be much stronger and more noticeable if you make a course of sessions. If you contact our center, you can increase the elasticity of the skin, make it healthy, young and beautiful. It is necessary to consult a physician-cosmetologist before cryo cool lifting.
• An allergic reaction to cold;
• Problems with blood coagulability;
• Herpes sores on the face;
• Acute viral diseases;
• Atherosclerosis.
Why should you choose cryo cool lifting in our center?
• Our center has tried to form loyal prices.
• By referring to us, you trust qualified professionals with serious work experience.
• Our center will be your best assistant in the combat with aging.
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