Meet Fraxel — innovative equipment in the fight for youth.

The essence of the method
The Fraxel l is fractional laser treatment. The principle of operation is based on fractional separation of rays. The doctor uses the control system to set the required penetration depth individually for each patient.


TheFraxel laser has several types, the classification of which follows the depth of impact:
• Fraxel re: store
It is a classic and gold standard. It is used to correct pigmentation, eliminate acne bacteria and correct scarring from them.
• Fraxel re: store DUAL
There’s a combination. It is used to correct deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
• Fraxel Re: fine
It has the gentlest action. That’s why it is used to handle sensitive areas.
• Fraxel re: pair


New model of the device is suitable for correcting the most neglected forms of age-related changes. The procedure takes not more than an hour. At the conclusion of the session, the doctor treats the skin with an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing cream. To achieve the optimum result, several procedures are required.

Results of treatment
Treatment with an erbium fractional laser starts the production of healthy collagen and elastin fibroblasts in the body, activates blood circulation and intercellular metabolic processes. The laser triggers an update in the cells, stimulating the regeneration of tissues.


Depending on the task, the device can:
• smooth the scars and stretch marks;
• provide a lifting effect to flabby skin;
• adjust the face oval;
• make a healthy complexion;
• cure acne bacteria and traces of them;
• remove different types of tumors.

Advantages of the device are that no more than two procedures are required to achieve the result, and the effect of the treatment is preserved up to three years. With repeated procedures, the duration of the effect will increase.

Contraindications for use
Use the laser is prohibited if the patient has at least one of contraindications:
• Diabetes;
• Viral infection;
• Fever and ARI;
• Mental disorders;
• Dermatological diseases;
• Violation of the integrity of the skin;
• Inflammatory processes on the skin;
• Autoimmune diseases;
• Disruption of blood clotting;
• Cardiovascular diseases;
• Oncology;
• Chronic diseases in the acute stage.


Do not perform the procedure also during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

After the application of an erbium fractional laser, there are practically no side effects or more serious complications. Normal is redness, swelling and peeling, as a reaction to foreign interference. But they go off within the first week after the procedure. One should follow to certain rules. First of all, you need to use sunscreen before every exit to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. For two weeks, you should stop visiting the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, bath and beaches. Also in this period of time, do not apply scrub, and it is better to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

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