Laser biorevitalization

Biorevitalization has long been known as one of the most effective techniques in delaying aging. Initially, there was only one type of procedure — injection, when a thin needle in the skin injected hyaluronic acid.
To date, created a non-injection biorevitalization — an apparatus procedure that does not violate the skin.

The main differences between laser biorevitalization and injection

The hardware method is used on all skin areas: face, decollete zone, arms, shoulders, hips, abdomen, buttocks. Do not treat only the skin of the eyelids. Treatment in this area is carried out only by injection.
In the problem area gets up to 90% of the drug, due to which the skin is saturated with the necessary vitamins and antioxidants.
The advantages of laser biorevitalization are that there are no traces of punctures on the skin and there is no rehabilitation period.
More effective, of course, is classical biorevitalization, but this method is designed for panic-stricken needles or people with problems in the initial stages. However, laser radiation provides a longer lasting effect.

What is the essence of the methodology?

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the skin of our body is elastic and elastic. But after 25 years, the production of hyaluronate, responsible for moisturizing the skin at the cellular level, is suspended. The body of the patient is injected with the synthesis of a substance that activates the hidden reserves of the body and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

How does the procedure work?

First, if it is laser biorevitalization of the face, make-up remover and purification of the pores are carried out. Then the skin is treated with a special gel with a content of hyaluronic acid. Only then is the effect of infrared radiation on the skin. It warms up, the pores expand and «transport» of hyaluronic acid to the deep subcutaneous layers takes place.
The substance acts quickly, activating all metabolic processes in the body, which is why the effect is noticeable after the first sessions.
At the end of the procedure, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent is applied to the treated area of ​​the skin. The procedure takes from 40 minutes to an hour. The duration of laser biorevitalization of the skin depends on the age of the patient, the characteristics of the organism and the range of problems to be solved. Usually treatment takes from 3 to 10 procedures and is performed once a week.
Here is the schedule for the course of treatment:

from 25 to 30 years — 2-3 sessions every two weeks, one after a month;
from 31 to 35 years — 3 sessions every two weeks, one after a month;
from 36 to 40 years — 4 sessions every two weeks, one after a month;
from 46 to 65 years — 5 sessions every two weeks, one after a month;

What can we expect after laser biorevitalization?

The skin rejuvenation procedure is also great for combining with other types of procedures. This method allows you to achieve excellent results:

Relief is smoothed and the tone of the skin rises;
corrected relief, narrowed pores;
thanks to hyaluronate, the skin is moistened, elastic and elastic;
there is photorejuvenation;
there is a radiance of the skin;
can quickly recover after surgery;
reduce the manifestation of pigmentation;
there is acne and postacne;

Contraindications to non-injection biorevitalization

Factors that do not allow for the procedure, the hardware method is smaller, and yet they are. Such as:

heart diseases;
somatic diseases;
PMS, menstruation;
pregnancy or period of lactation;
poor blood clotting;
inflammatory processes;

In consequence of the choice of not an experienced cosmetologist, there are possible side effects after biorevitalization:

atrophy of muscle tissue;
can undergo a preparation under the skin;
tissue compaction;
the formation of small nodules on the skin surface;

Therefore, it is so important to take seriously the choice of cosmetology salon and the future master.

Useful advice after laser biorevitalization

To keep the effect achieved for a long time, after the procedure is:

on the beach, always apply sunscreen on your skin;
stop visiting the solarium;
recover about two days, during which you should give up physical exertion;
daily care of the body;

Laser biorevitalization generates feedback in record numbers. Women and men from around the world share a positive experience, which attracts more people to the procedure.

Biorevitalization or mesotherapy — which is better?

The injections of hyaluronate have proven themselves as a substitute for vitamins for the skin, when it looks dry, flaky, has a painful color and micro-damage. Biorevitalization gives an excellent effect if you combine it with other techniques of rejuvenation, and is aimed at solving this particular problem.
Mesotherapy takes more time, but in contrast — the spectrum of functions is much wider.

Cost of the procedure

The price for biorevitalization in Kiev depends on the age of the patient, the method of the hardware procedure and the number of drugs used

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