Laser hair removal in the bikini zone preserves the integrity of the skin, the skin becomes tender, without irritation, there is no scars left on it. For carrying out laser hair removal in cosmetology, several types of laser are used:
•    Diode
•    Neodymium
•    Alexandrite
Two types of intimate hair removal:
• Deep bikini Epilation   allows you to completely remove hair on the pubic, labia and between the buttocks. This procedure takes about one hour. It is not possible to achieve the maximum result in one session, therefore prepare for the repeated procedure.
•Classical hair removal removes hair along the bikini line, on the visible part. This will make you feel comfortable in a swimsuit on the beach. The whole process takes no more than 30 minutes.
At the consultation, the specialist will be able to determine the exact cost of the procedure. The price depends on the equipment, on the surface area of the epilated. Reduce the cost by purchasing a course of procedures.
Preparation for the procedure:
The cold season is best for laser hair removal on any part of the body.
• Consult a doctor of the endocrinologist and a dermatologist, they will assess the health status and determine the contraindications.
• It is not advisable to sunbathe two weeks before hair removal.
• Perform a trial application of the device on a small area, to detect the sensitivity of the skin.
• Do not overdo moisturizers on the eve of hair removal.
It is not recommended to use the laser for people with cancer, skin diseases, at a time of heightened viral infections. Also, the period of pregnancy and lactation is not favorable for this.

1. Hello. How many sessions are needed to permanently remove the hairs, for example, in the bikini zone?

Good afternoon! For a persistent effect of lack of hair, it is recommended to hold 6-10 sessions. But the number of sessions is very individual! We look forward to your visit!

2. Can I do laser hair removal during lactation?

Good afternoon. During lactation, laser hair removal is not performed. And not because it can be harmful to milk, but because the hormonal background is unstable, accordingly, the doctor can not rely on the average statistical results. That is, say how much you will need procedures on average, it is impossible.

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