The procedure of laser hair removal allows you permanently to get rid of unwanted hair painlessly and forever.
Laser Hair Removal: Advantages
• No pain during the hair removal procedure.
• Hair removal for a long period and in some cases forever.
• There are no scars left on the skin.
• The skin condition improves noticeably.
• Affordable cost of the procedure.
The laser is effective when the hair is dark and the skin is light.

Types of hair removal:
• Laser epilation of the bikini zone;
• Laser hair removal on the face;
• Laser hair removal of the body;
• Laser epilation of the legs and hands.
By purchasing a course, you can save your money. Laser epilation requires preparation.
The procedure cannot be performed for people with a fresh tan, with oncological, chronic and skin diseases, infectious diseases. The period of pregnancy and lactation is also not an appropriate time for the application of the laser. The center of laser cosmetology «Della Rossa» in Kiev, specializes in the removal of hair of any type. Our experienced specialists are able to remove hair on tanned skin, slightly pigmented and thin hair. For this it is necessary to choose the right type of laser.

The types of lasers for epilation:
•diode laser;
• alexandrite laser;
• neodymium laser;
• ruby laser.
All these types of laser beams have a certain wavelength.

1. What length of hair can be on the epilated skin area?

Before the procedure, laser hair removal, preferably for 4-8 hours (a maximum of 24 hours), it is necessary to shave the future epilation zone - this is necessary in order to make laser hair removal more comfortable and effective. Hair can not be plucked, waxing is allowed only shaving.

2. Good afternoon. If I did bioepilation on the face, could the laser "recognize" ("see") the hair that had not yet begun to grow after bioepilation?

Good afternoon. We must wait until the hair appears again on the surface. Plus, add time to make everyone visible. It is recommended not to do bioepilation before laser treatment for 2 months.

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