Advantages of laser cosmetology:
• Individual approach. The frequency and magnitude of the laser pulse are individually selected.
• Safety. Laser cosmetology of the face and body is absolutely safe for health.
• Comfort of the patient.
Professional cosmeticians of the center Della Rossa take specialized courses on the use of laser equipment in programs for rejuvenation and correction of appearance.
By use of laser techniques, the following problems can be solved:
• Deep and fine wrinkles;
• Age-related changes in the face oval;
• Second chin and baggy skin below the eyes;
• Stretch marks on the skin after pregnancy or significant weight loss;
• Cellulite and subcutaneous fat deposits;
• intensify blood circulation;
• improve lymph flow;
• scars, pigment spots;
• acne on the face;
• excess hair on the body.

1. Prompt, whether it is possible to delete a pigmentation by means of the laser in the summer? I want to do this before I leave.

Hello. Removal of the pigment by means of a laser is performed only in the autumn-winter period. We are waiting for you in our center in the autumn.

2. When I was 19 years old, I was quite plump, then I was on a diet and lost weight sharply, I still have wrinkles on my stomach and buttocks, how can they be removed?

Good afternoon. Most likely, you will need CO2 laser grinding, a lot depends on the "age" of the stretch marks, it will be more accurate to say at the inspection. Come to the consultation in the clinic, the doctor will determine the appropriate technique for eliminating stretch marks.

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