Acne rash is a problem that requires prompt resolution and need help of experienced cosmetologists!

Cosmetic methods of acne treatment.
• The use of laser equipment.
• Cryotherapy. This method of treatment implies the use of liquid nitrogen for medicinal purposes.
• Ultrasonic cleaning. Traditional method of treatment, which allows you to remove the toughened skin and deeply clean it
• Vacuum cleaning. Removes surface acne and sebaceous plugs on the skin surface.

• Contactlessness.
• Painless
• Local action.
• Individual approach.
• Instant result.
• Long lasting effect.
But 100% of the result you get only with a comprehensive impact on the problem. We offer laser treatment of acne and guarantee you an excellent result.
Modern machine cosmetology offers an innovative and completely safe method — laser rejuvenation. It does not require deep anesthesia.

Types of laser anti-aging effects:
• Biorevitalization;
• Laser resurfacing of the face;
• Fractional ablation rejuvenation;
• Non-ablative laser irradiation;
• Photorejuvenation.

1. Hello. Did or made mesotherapy for hair at you in the center, it has remained is happy or enough. I heard that now it is used to treat acne. Is it possible to undergo such a procedure in your center?

Hello. Yes, specialists of our center offer mesotherapy for solving the following skin problems: acne, as well as traces of post-acne. There are no age restrictions, an individually selected "cocktail" allows you to effectively cope with the existing problem. Come to the consultation.

2. I want to go through elos therapy to remove acne. How many procedures will be needed?

Hello. As a rule, the course of treatment for acne with the help of Elos therapy consists of 8-10 procedures.

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