Thread Lifting — a great method to forget about wrinkles and dry skin
3D threads are used to:
• raise the upper edge of the eyebrows;
• get rid of deep mimic wrinkles;
• smooth fine wrinkles in the eye area;
• correct the corners of the mouth;
• lift the skin on the buttocks.
By this unique method 3D threads are applied in the face, neck, décolletage area for the correction of the abdominal skin and thighs. The price of such a procedure depends on the  complexity degree of the problem, and on the materials used. In the modern center Della Rossa in Kiev only high-quality imported materials are used. All necessary quality certificates are provided to the client if necessary.
The advantages of the procedure:
• Materials do not cause allergies;
• Painlessness of the procedure;
• Invisible punctures;
• Rapid recovery after rejuvenation.

The main varieties of threads:
• Linear;
• Spiral;
• Tornado;
• Threads with notches;
• Needles on the cannula.
• Age is less than 25 years.
• Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.
• The vessels are too close to the skin.
• Skin diseases.
• An allergic reaction to the component which the thread consists of.
• Reduced immunity after illness

If the contraindications are not followed, the material rejection can occur. Of course, to achieve maximum effect it is important to trust reliable, responsible and experienced cosmetologists.
The professionalism of the cosmetologists, who work in the center Della Rossa, is beyond doubt. This is confirmed by positive feedback of customers.

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