Mesotherapy for weight loss

Mesotherapy for weight loss — effective elimination of excess volumes

Such a procedure as mesotherapy for weight loss, in the 21st century has become an indispensable solution in the fight against fatty deposits.
Mesotherapy contributes to:

destruction of fat cells, which leads to a decrease in body volume by 3-5 cm;
stimulation of rapid metabolism;
improvement of blood circulation;
increase muscle tone and skin elasticity.

To get the maximum effect, you need 7 to 10 sessions once a week. The effect of mesotherapy helps maintain wraps and massage. Healthy eating and exercise will not be superfluous. This will help to keep the result of the procedure up to a year.

What are the methods of mesotherapy for weight loss?
Cosmetology in the fight against fat deposits offers two solutions:

The procedure involves the introduction of a large and frequent amount of the drug under the skin at a depth of 1.5-5 mm. This promotes effective assimilation of the substance. Performed manually or injector.
The basis of cocktails for body weight loss are lipolytic and enzymes that contribute to the destruction of fat cells. They are combined with minerals, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants.
The right mixture of substance in one cocktail allows you to achieve rapid weight loss, improve the external condition of the skin, get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.
Preparations used in mesotherapy are aimed not only at effective control of fat deposits, but also with excess fluid that forms cellulite.

This category falls into the apparatus mesotherapy. The procedure is performed using a laser. The laser beams affect the skin with waves, because of what the pores expand, and the substance is easier to get inside the body. Special equipment allows you to process not only a large surface of the skin, but also make the process painless in comparison with the classical method.
Hardware mesotherapy offers the following methods:
Oxygen — substances penetrate the skin due to oxygen flow;
ultrasonic — together with the preparation on the skin, ultrasonic waves, which promote skin tone increase, act;
cryomezotherapy — substances are combined with cold, producing skin rejuvenation;
microcurrent — the drug is administered under the dermis with the help of an electric current.

However, the classic is known to be a powerful thing. And that’s why it is suitable for solving serious age problems, while the hardware is only used in the early stages or with minor shortcomings.

Are there any contraindications?
Like any medical intervention, mesotherapy does not suit everyone.
Therefore, if a patient is diagnosed with:
liver and kidney disease;
inflammation of the skin, herpes, dermatitis;
autoimmune diseases;
problems with blood vessels;
allergy to certain drugs.

That mesotherapy is not an appropriate way to solve skin problems.
Also, contraindications include pregnancy and lactation.

Who recommends mesotherapy?
The procedure is perfect for people who want to get rid of:
extra volumes in the waist, hips and buttocks;
fatty deposits;
sagging skin;
stretch marks;
And also want to adjust the contours of the body.

The course of mesotherapy for the body is from 6 to 10 sessions once a week. Usually treatment takes 2 months. Select it, based on the needs of the client’s body.
The treatment is completed when the specialist is satisfied with the effect of the procedure.
In order to preserve the result as long as possible, you must adhere to a balanced, healthy diet and give time for exercise.

What is included in the cocktail for body slimming?
The main drugs for body correction:
lipolytic — increase the breakdown of fat cells;
defibroziruyuschie drugs — remove excess fluid from the body, creating an «orange peel»;
collagen, elastin — promote elasticity of the skin, its tone, smoothing of wrinkles;
cardiovascular drugs — improve blood circulation, promote the resolution of venous couperose;
minerals and vitamins — saturate the skin with useful elements for better assimilation of cocktail substances;
homeopathic cocktails — the composition includes homeopathic substances to improve the external and internal skin condition.

Mesotherapy of the body has a reasonable price, considering that it helps to cope not only with the defects of the figure, but also eliminates the main cause of the problem, saving the result for a long time.
Also in combination with massage, wraps or thermolifting, you can achieve even greater results from mesotherapy. Naturally, with a break after mesotherapy, about 3 days. In this period of time it is not recommended to go to spa-procedures, sauna or take a hot bath. Everything that can help warm up the body is forbidden.

Mesotherapy of the body — what kind of feedback?
Most patients who have once undergone mesotherapy for weight loss, necessarily repeat the course. The result satisfies all the wishes of customers from 25 and older.
The procedure gives a much greater effect than sports and proper nutrition. Although without them after therapy and do not do.How to choose a master? Before you conduct mesotherapy of the body for weight loss, you must be confident in the qualifications of a specialist. To do this, analyze his work on a consultation. The professional of his case will conduct a detailed interview with you for contra-indications, will offer you to undergo diagnostics and only after he gives his recommendations. If you feel negligence on the part of not only the beautician, but all the personnel of the cabin, run from there as quickly as possible. Why do your skin have side effects, right? Find a good master for mesotherapy of the body in Kiev is easy enough. But a caring and at the same time a professional person is more difficult. Fortunately, experts at the center of Della Rossa combine these two qualities. Apply for a consultation with one of our masters and take a step closer to the ideal body.

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