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We are people, and in our nature to grow old. However, many do not agree with nature and wish to look young always. It was thanks to the latter that the mesotherapy of the face was created. Today — this is the most popular procedure, effectively affecting the activity of cells responsible for the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
With age, the production of these substances is reduced, the skin becomes thinner, wrinkles appear, dryness, dullness — everything from which I would like to get rid. And for this, two methods have been developed.

Method one — injection mesotherapy

During the procedure, a syringe with a thinnest needle or a special device is used. The essence of mesotherapy face — the introduction of the skin through a variety of injections of various drugs to improve blood circulation and accelerate the production of collagen.
The basis of the drugs administered are antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and trace elements. Substances penetrate deep under the dermis, which can not be achieved by applying creams or face masks. Under the skin a reserve of substance is created, thanks to which the result of the procedure is retained for several months. Experts recommend to repeat the course every six months.
Usually it consists of 3-4 procedures lasting 15-30 minutes with an interval of 2-4 weeks. However, for each patient, the specialist selects a course of treatment individually. It all depends on the age and complexity of the problem.
The best face injecting mesotherapy is a procedure with the use of a special device for injections. He injures the skin much less, due to which you can achieve a positive result faster.
And yet, the correction of wrinkles in the eyelids, eyes and mouth area should be done manually. This reduces the risk of injuring the patient. After the procedure, redness, swelling of the face and pain occur, which last for several hours.
This procedure is able to solve the problems that give women time and age.

Indications for mesotherapy:

aging of the skin, the presence of deep wrinkles;
venous cuperosis;
dryness and lethargy of the dermis;
reduced tone of facial muscles;
gray complexion;
expanded pores or increased fat content of the skin;
acne or postacne;
bags under the eyes.

To meet bad reviews after mesotherapy face is almost impossible.
However, it should be noted that this procedure is not suitable for everyone. Who can do mesotherapy and who should find another way to deal with skin problems?


allergy to the drug;
pregnancy or period of lactation;
inflammatory processes, psoriasis, herpes;
venous cuperosis;
presence of anticoagulants in the body;
autoimmune diseases, violation of the process of blood coagulability;
renal and hepatic impairment;
individual intolerance to drugs;
cardiovascular pathology.

What drugs are used for facial mesotherapy?

The effect of mesotherapy depends on the drugs used.
If the skin has lost its tone, it needs substances rich in collagen and elastic fibers. If it is dry, hyaluronic acid is required.
Venous cuperose is corrected by the vitamin complex and microelements.
But often not just one drug is administered, but cocktails are used for mesotherapy. The latter contains all the necessary substances: minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen and trace elements.
Thus, the doctor can choose the concentration of the cocktail individually for each client.
The cost of mesotherapy is calculated depending on the price of the constituents of the cocktail and the treatment zone.

The second method — the apparatus mesotherapy of the face

The essence of hardware cosmetology is that the procedure is performed without injections. That’s why it is safer, because the drugs are applied to the skin of the face, after which the device is used with magnetic waves.
Under its influence, the pores expand, due to which useful substances enter deeply under the dermis. At the same time, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear, the firmness increases and swelling comes off.
The duration of the procedure for the mesotherapy of the face is 20-30 minutes. The course consists of an average of 5-6 procedures. More or less — the specialist decides.
But despite the safety of the method, it is less effective than injections. With deep wrinkles and serious age changes, he will not give the desired result.

Advantages of the procedure:

mesotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis;
long-term result;
can be used without restriction after 30 years;
a small list of contraindications.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Mesotherapy of the face should be without complications. But there may be excessive pain or even bleeding. Such troubles are the result of the incompetence of the master in the selection of cocktails, or the violation of the technique of the procedure.
To prevent this from happening to you, you should take seriously the choice of a beauty salon where you are going to undergo a course of mesotherapy.

How to choose a good cosmetology salon?

If you want to do mesotherapy face, but are afraid to get to an inexperienced specialist, then when choosing a salon,

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