Mesotherapy for cellulite

Mesotherapy for cellulite
There is no woman today who does not know what cellulite is and was not afraid of it. Cellulite is a metabolic disorder, as a result of which there is a local formation of fat cells and microcirculation failure in adipose tissue. That is, in a certain place of the body the cells cease to perform their basic function, and instead begin to accumulate fatty deposits, toxins and body waste.
The result is cellulite — the proliferation of connective tissue with the formation of tubercles on the skin.
The most interesting thing is that cellulite affects not only full women, but even sportsmen and teenagers.

There are 4 stages of cellulite:

the first — cellulite can be noticed if you squeeze the skin between the palms;
the second — «orange peel» is more noticeable, when compressing palms becomes apparent;
the third — the cellulitis progresses, and it is already visible to the naked eye;
the fourth — pronounced tubercles due to the violation of collagen fibers. Pain is possible with strong compression.

Why does cellulite appear?

The main reasons for the formation of «orange crust» is usually considered
hormonal disorders;
genetic and ethnic characteristics;

How to cure cellulite?
Specialists of the 21st century have developed a huge number of options for combating cellulite. This and creams, and wraps, and massages. Yes, they have a beneficial effect on the body, but the effect is achieved only by 25%. If your goal is a 100% effect, then mesotherapy with cellulite will be required.


This course is recommended for those who want to get rid of cellulite, fat deposits, flabby skin and stretch marks. The main advantage of mesotherapy is high effectiveness. This is achieved due to the local effects of the drug administered, and its instantaneous action.
The effect of the procedure is maintained from six months to a year. Everything depends on the patient’s body. If you also lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat right, cellulite will not bother you for a very long time.
In addition to the fight against cellulite, mesotherapy helps to overcome and venous cuperosis.

Can everyone do mesotherapy?

Alas, the mesotherapy of the body against cellulite has its contraindications. Here are some of them:
benign or malignant neoplasms;
inflammatory processes of the skin;
impaired blood clotting;
chronic diseases;
renal and hepatic impairment;
pregnancy or period of lactation;
use of anticoagulants.

How is mesotherapy performed?

Everything begins with a consultation with a specialist. The doctor examines the problem areas of the patient. After the last tests for allergic reactions. If everything is in order and the patient has no contraindications, the procedure of mesotherapy with cellulite is:

places of future injections are delineated;
the area is disinfected and anesthetized with professional creams;
the doctor using a syringe with a thin needle or a handgun injects under the skin of the patient a mini dose of drugs that promote the stimulation of metabolism and the destruction of fat cells in the outlined area.

After the session, the mesotherapist should give up the bath or sauna for 3 days, physical activities and visits to the massage parlor.
Depending on the organism and neglect of the problem, the specialist selects the depth of penetration of the needle into the dermis, the amount of injection, the composition of the cocktail, the length of the course and the period of interruption between sessions. On average, it is from up to 20 injections every 7-10 days. The effect of mesotherapy will continue to increase within 2-3 months after the end of the procedure.
The visible effect of the procedure comes in depending on the stage of cellulite. If it is 1 and 2 stage, then the result will follow after several sessions: the skin surface will begin to equalize, and the «orange peel» will become less pronounced.
As a bonus:
increases muscle tone;
water is eliminated from the body and puffiness disappears;
weight decreases and excess volumes go away;
the body is cleansed.

Of course, mesotherapy against cellulite is effective, but if it is 3 and 4 stage, then a complex approach is required: different types of massage, wraps, diet and sports.

Are preparations safe in cocktails for mesotherapy?

Any tool can become dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced master. Experienced the same expert picks up the composition and dose of cocktail individually for each patient.
Usually such cocktails are:

allopathic — fat-splitting, vasodilating components and vitamins, stimulating metabolism and splitting of fat cells;
Homeopathic — created on the basis of plant extracts.

They include:
lipolytic — increase the breakdown of fats;
Enzymes — destroy those very constrictions that form cellulite.
cardiovascular drugs — improve blood circulation in problem areas.
vitamins and minerals — provide complex care for the external condition of the skin.

The disadvantages of the procedure
Soreness — if in the patient’s priority to achieve high results, then you will have to suffer unpleasant sensations.
Bruises on the hips, buttocks and abdomen — simple they are smeared on the skin at the beginning of the course. The scabs of the injections are noticeable within 3 days after the procedure. The duration of the courses is to be reserved for patience, since the course can not be interrupted. The substance of the cocktail preparations only affects only the subcutaneous fat. To remove fat from the internal organs, mesotherapy is not an appropriate procedure. Body massage has a price equivalent to its effect. Having made the decision to undergo this procedure, you have made a huge gift to your body and health. But remember that 50% of the success depends on the master’s experience. Be sure to select a specialist based on your feelings in his presence. If you are comfortable and the master convinces in his professionalism with precise debugged movements, then you came to the address. Why are we? Because all the specialists of the Della Rossa center are in their places. And each of us knows how important it is when a person loves his job. We propose to go through mesotherapy against cellulite in Kiev just from us and get satisfaction from your tightened and healthy body.

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