Mesotherapy of the body

Mesotherapy of the body — proper care

Our body is experiencing with us all the joys and adversities, but over the years it loses its ability to regenerate quickly. Mesotherapy of the body is one of the ways to keep it resilient, young and healthy, regardless of age or lifestyle.
With the help of this procedure, experts from all over the world have successfully and successfully combated skin imperfections without plastic surgery.

What is the result of the mesotherapy of the body?

Mesotherapy of the body is good for losing weight by:

helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite or get rid of it completely (depends on the age and neglect of the problem);
affects fat cells (they are split and fat leaves);
corrects deposits on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc.
increases muscle tone, flabby skin tightens in the hips, calves, buttocks.
makes the wrinkles or manifestations of couperose less noticeable;
it absorbs the skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid, due to which it becomes fresh and radiant;
improves blood circulation;
removes stretch marks, scars, pigmentation and scars.

Advantages of mesotherapy:

no operations;
fast effect;
the effect of drugs only on the treated part of the body, without spreading throughout the body;
long-term preservation of the result after the procedure;
practically painless procedure;
minimal risk of complications;
not frequent execution of the procedure, which allows you not to change the habitual way of life;
you can combine mesotherapy with other procedures;
a small number of contraindications.


allergic reactions;
pregnancy or the period of breastfeeding;
blood diseases;
skin diseases;
rehabilitation after surgery;
inflammatory diseases.

How does the mesotherapy of the body?

Masters perform mesotherapy with a syringe or cosmetology innovative equipment.
When manual mesotherapy in the imperfect area of ​​the skin is a large number of injections. The doctor does the job accurately and accurately, what causes trust in his patients. Manual procedure reduces the risk of injury and skin damage.
With the hardware procedure, a larger area of ​​the skin is treated, which saves both the master and the client. Magnetic waves have an effect on fat cells, and therefore this method is effective in combating cellulite and excess weight.
Mesotherapy is almost painless, but this is a serious medical intervention. Therefore it is important to undergo thorough diagnosis, follow the doctor’s recommendations and be careful when choosing preparations for cocktails.
The average duration of the course is 5-10 sessions, and is selected individually for each client, depending on the advice of a specialist.

Mesotherapy of the body — preparations for correcting the figure

Each customer mixes their own cocktail. And here are the main drugs that fall into a cocktail for mesotherapy of the body:
lipolytic — stimulate the process of lipolysis, improve blood circulation and relieve puffiness. With their help, the appearance of cellulite is corrected, fat deposits are removed;
collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid — tighten the skin, fight with its flabbiness as a result of aging, and after losing weight or pregnancy;
enzymes — change the structure of connective tissue, are able to loosen scar tissue and cellulite even in the early stages;
vascular drugs — improve microcirculation, strengthen the tone of blood vessels, eliminate couperose;
vitamins and trace elements — are selected individually to improve the external condition of the skin.

Mini doses of cocktails are injected under the skin with the help of microneedles. The advantage of mesotherapy in providing a ready-made solution to the client’s problem. For example, you lose weight. First of all, the weight will go away, the face, chest — hips and abdomen remain in their places.
Mesotherapy affects the entire body and with rapid weight loss will avoid sagging and flabbiness of the skin. By the way, this is the only method of fighting male fatty deposits in the abdomen, in the common people called beer belly. However, it is effective only if the fat is just under the skin, and does not extend to the internal organs.
For a full course of mesotherapy the body will need 5 to 6 procedures. Visible result you can see even after 1 session. At one time an average of 2-3 cm of volume.
With cellulite will be more difficult 2 times. That is, the beauty salon will have to visit twice as much when fighting with the «orange peel».

How should I take care of myself after the procedure?

Correctly conducted treatment course guarantees the patient the acquisition of elastic, supple skin, without cellulite and excess volumes. Imperfection disappears so quickly that you will not have time to recover.
The achievable result persists for up to a year. It depends on the composition of the cocktail and your needs.
But in order to preserve what has been achieved, one must always take care of oneself and in the home.

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