Mesotherapy Hair

Mesotherapy Hair

We all want healthy, long, silky hair. But because of various problems, the head of hair deteriorates. Men and women all over the world complain of hair loss, baldness, dandruff, fat and sensitivity of the skin.
Normally, if your head leaves every day to 100 hairs. But if more, you should register for a consultation with a trichologist.

How to cope with hair loss?

Trichologists call a variety of causes of hair problems. Alopecia most often is a hereditary disease. But, if in your family there was no one who could boast of a bowling ball on his own neck, the problem should be looked for in reduced immunity, a leaping hormonal background, infection, illness of internal organs or constant stress.
The health of your hair is affected by prolonged exposure to the sun or frost without a headdress. It’s no secret that frequent use of a hair dryer, thermal hair, staining and curling also does not promote growth.
The decision of this task begins with the identification of the main problem in consultation with a doctor. Only after this it is possible to start treatment.
For today the most effective method of treatment is mesotherapy for hair.

How does the procedure work?

The client must come with a clean head and bring his own comb.
Mesotherapy is injected: the substances are injected subcutaneously into the area of ​​the hairline with a short, thin needle. The composition of the preparations includes irreplaceable elements for the growth of the follicle.
Before a session it is necessary to adhere to the important rules:
do not use anticoagulants about a week before;
to pass tests for allergic reactions a day before the procedure;
To treat the scalp with an antiseptic immediately before the procedure.
The procedure of mesotherapy of hair lasts from half an hour to an hour. Depends on the area of ​​treatment. The substances are injected deep into the dermis with a syringe or injector. If pain becomes unbearable during the session, you can ask the doctor to replace the needle. After the skin is treated with an antiseptic.
Within 2 days you will experience painful sensations in the head and you will notice redness. But nothing lasts forever, it will pass.
Be sure to follow the recommendations of a specialist:
do not wash your hair for a day after the procedure;
refrain from the beach or solarium for several days;
postpone the hair color until the end of the course.
In this case, the effect of mesotherapy of the hair is improved.

Who is recommended for the procedure cycle?

To the expert-trichologist are addressed and with other problems:
a disease of vitiligo;
fractional alopecia;
seborrhea — malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the head;
dandruff and itching;
damage to the hair shaft, split ends.
Although the procedure helps to cope with a number of diseases, there are patients who have mesotherapy for the hair contraindicated.

Who does not use mesotherapy?

If the patient has the following disorders, the procedure is contraindicated:
taking anticoagulants;
autoimmune diseases;
inflammation of the sites of future injections;
chronic diseases;
pregnancy or period of lactation;
allergy to cocktail components;
benign or malignant formations.
disease of the endocrine system;
low immunity;
inflammation of the dermis;
mental disorders, including epilepsy;
It is important to remember that mesotherapy solves the problems associated with the scalp. If hair falls out due to hormonal failure, severe stress or chronic disease, the effect of the procedure will not be.

What preparations are used for mesotherapy of hair?

Choose the type of procedure, depending on the level of the disorder and cocktail mixture. Mesotherapy of the scalp is of the following types:

In a mixture of injections, it is often possible to find such useful and necessary components as:
anaesthesiological procaine and xylocaine;
vascular medications (buflomedil, pentoksifillin, ginkgo biloba, minoxidil) — expanding the vessels, activate blood circulation;
amino acids — strengthen the immunity of the follicle, help with recovery;
finasteride or escalation extract;
antiseboretics (selenium, keratin, salicylate, vitamins B5 and A, copper, magnesium, zinc, biotin) — improve the appearance of the hairline, eliminate brittleness, prevent early baldness and gray hair.

Now there is a question about the price of such pleasure. On the procedure of mesotherapy for hair, the price in Kiev is formed on the basis of three factors:
problem and wishes of the client;
the size of the area of ​​injection;
components, mixed in a cocktail.
The price policy is reasonable enough, especially since the result is worth the money.

Features of the procedure:

Preparations are injected into the scalp to a depth of 0.8 to 4 mm every 1-1.5 cm. For injections, although a thin needle is used, unpleasant sensations can not be avoided.
Mesotherapy presupposes not a one-time procedure, but a full course of 8-10 weeks in length. In the future, to maintain the effect, injections should be given once a month.
Improved external in id: shine and firmness appear. The growth is activated and the fallout is stopped. The recovery, mesotherapy is not suitable for people who want an immediate result. The result will appear no earlier than 3 months after the end of the course. If you appreciate the quality, then three months will fly by as one moment, and the deserved reward will be the addition of the density of the hair. Where to go for the course of mesotherapy in Kiev? The center of laser cosmetology Della Rossa provides a wide range of services for self-care, high-quality service and fast service. We care about the wishes and needs of our clients. When you go to the center of the mesotherapy of the scalp, feedback about the procedure will not seem like a fairy tale to you. You will experience the magic of modern technologies on your own, and get the desired result.

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