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Mesotherapy is a unique procedure that helps in the shortest time to get rid of acne, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and cellulite, dry and flabby skin. Cosmetic procedure is an intradermal injection of special drugs. There is enrichment of the skin with vitamins, microelements, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, which stimulates the production of collagen and improves blood circulation.
What results to expect from mesotherapy?
• Smoothing of facial wrinkles;
• Moisturizing dry skin;
• Narrowing of pores;
• A clear oval of the face appears;
• The second chin disappears;
• Acne is passing;
• Vascular networks become less noticeable;
• Pigmentation spots become less noticeable;
• The face becomes elastic and young.
Skin care specialists offer several types of mesotherapy in the cosmetic center Della Rossa:
• Injection.
• Non-injection.
• Manual.
• Apparatus.
Invasive method employs multiple injections of the mesococtail with the help of the thinnest needle in the certain points on the face. By the non-injection mesotherapy, the drug penetrates under the influence of physical or chemical phenomena (laser, iontophoresis, magnetophoresis, ultraphoonophoresis or aquafonophoresis). Manual mesotherapy involves manual piercing of the skin with a thin needle to deliver the necessary components. Apparatus mesotherapy  — the mesotherapy is injected by a cosmetologist, using a special apparatus. Mesotherapy is suitable for the treatment of hair loss, overweight and cellulite. The composition of the cocktail contributes to the elimination of fat deposits. The result becomes noticeable after the second procedure; each next procedure is able to remove up to 3 cm in the waist.
How much does mesotherapy cost?
It is possible to reduce significantly the cost if you purchase a course of procedures. Prices for mesotherapy start from 550 UAH.
Laser non-invasive mesotherapy is very effective. The skin is saturated with useful components under the influence of laser beams. Cosmetologists note the therapeutic and physiotherapeutic effect.

Non-invasive mesotherapy is used to:
• smooth deep and fine wrinkles;
• recontour the face oval;
• get rid of the second chin;
• remove bags and swelling under the eyes;
• level the complexion;
• tighten loose skin;
• vitaminize deep layers, saturated with moisture and useful components;
• regulate the functioning of intracellular processes.
The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes; the number of sessions is assigned individually, depending on the desired effect. As a rule, 8-10 procedures are sufficient to achieve the maximum result. The duration of the effect on the face, after laser mesotherapy, lasts approximately 3 months.
• pregnancy and lactation;
• Oncology;
• kidney failure;
• cholelithiasis;
• cardiovascular diseases;
• hypertension 3 degrees;
• skin diseases in the phase of exacerbation;
• bleeding disorders;
• Individual intolerance to drugs.

Why should you trust mesotherapy to us?
• Our center is reliable. The professional beauticians of Ukraine have high qualification.
• We have high-quality service.
• We use innovative cosmetology devices of the latest generation.
• We know how important the trust of customers is and always try to help them.
• We perform the most effective and absolutely safe cosmetic procedures.
• We have reasonable prices that will help you to save your money.
• We have a personalized approach to clients. Before the procedure, we will perform a diagnosis and determine the presence of contraindications.

1. Hello. My hair falls out, I really want it to stop, so that my hair gets stronger and starts growing better. Will mesotherapy help me in this? How many sessions will be required?

Good afternoon. Mesotherapy is a very effective procedure, including in the case of hair loss. You will need to take a course of ten procedures with a break of seven to ten days. We will pick up the necessary drugs in your case and plan a course for the procedures. Waiting for you!

2. I have friends who have already been on mesotherapy, and they really liked the effect. I would also like to, but I'm afraid of injections from the very childhood. Is there any other similar procedure? Thankful in advance for the answer.

Hello. Medicines can be administered without injections. To do this, there are many methods of hardware cosmetology, such as phonophoresis, electroporation, laser biorevitalization. All this equipment can be found in our center! And on consultation to you will pick up the most effective method in your case!

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