Modern cosmetic center Della Rossa offers regular face peeling, to maintain a healthy complexion and skin tone. Peeling is a proven procedure for improving the skin condition. Peelings are carried out not only on the face, but also on the neck, neckline, hands. This procedure involves skin cleaning of the face and other parts of the body, by resurfacing. There is a cleaning of the upper toughened skin, followed by the regeneration of the skin and its self-healing.
The skin looks tired.
• Increased skin oiliness.
• Pigmentation.
• Scars.
• Uneven complexion.
• Acne.
Today various kinds of the peeling are performed in beauty salons, for example, mechanical, physical, chemical, laser and even fruit. Classification according to the depth of penetration under the skin:
• Superficial peeling. Gentle skin peeling method of the face and neck removes only the top layer of dead cells. Performed cosmetic, special acids It is used in the treatment of acne by skin cleansing.
• Medium peeling. Removes the upper toughened skin. It is performed with the use of acids and machine.  It starts the restoration of the skin. It is recommended for small wrinkles, scars, freckles, pigmentation.
•Deep peeling. This is a serious procedure that involves the complete removal of the epidermis and can only be carried out in a hospital. Cosmetologists of the center Della Rossa offer you superficial and medium peeling.
Classification by the procedure:
• Fruit acids. It is carried out with the use of fruit acid, which painlessly cleanses the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
• Mechanical. Using machines spray abrasive particles under very strong pressure. The procedure is for the appearance of fine wrinklesrecommended.
• Chemical. The use of special chemical compounds that remove old cells
• Physical peeling. This is a separate category, which includes cryopilling and laser peeling. This procedure is part of the rejuvenation program. By use of the laser machines is face peeling possible at the most modern level. The laser beam evaporates dead skin particles, smooths wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen. The procedure is absolutely painless and highly effective.
• Dermabrasion. A very popular procedure for the skin cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté zone Rehabilitation processes are strongly stimulated.
Consider your age by choosing the appropriate type of face peeling.
• Up to 25 years. At a young age only the gentlest kind of peeling with fruit acids is recommended.
• Up to 35 years. The skin is still young, but there are already the first signs of aging, pigmentation and fine wrinkles. For this case a laser peel with its mild effect is suitable as also chemical peeling and dermabrasion.
•Up to 50 years. At this age, there are already wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, vascular asterisks, keratosis and other age-related changes. Cosmetologists recommend carrying out a deep chemical peeling, and various types of facial skin resurfacing.
• After 50 years. The skin is no longer capable of self-healing, is covered with deep wrinkles. In such cases, beauticians offer peeling with chemical agents or laser peeling.
At the consultation, the beautician examines the client’s skin, listens to his wishes and only then can prescribe the right kind of peeling. The price is affected by the procedure method and the area of the surface to be treated.
We have actions and discounts that can interest any client and reduce the price of any procedure. You can visit our site Della Rossa, on which the customers leave a lot of feedback and comments.  You can see all the quality certificates for the equipment and the cosmetology products that are used in the center.

1. Good afternoon. After the birth, I had pigment spots on my face. It's been two years now. Can I remove them? The plot is small, but it worries me. Can be a chemical peel? Is it necessary to examine the hormonal background?

Hello. Chemical peeling in your case is quite an effective tool, but at home you will have to use bleaching and protective means. It is not necessary to examine the hormonal background, but if you have hormonal diseases, cosmetic procedures may not give the desired effect.

2. Hello. Can I peel on the area of the hands (from the elbows to the wrist)? After the disease there were dark traces - pigmentation.

Good afternoon. Peelings can be done in any area. It is important to choose the right composition. To clarify you need to see a doctor, collect anamnesis, find out the cause of the appearance of pigmentation. Further, a treatment regimen in the clinic and a home care regime are prescribed.

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