Indications for the procedure
• Flabby facial skin;
• Wrinkles;
• Local sagging of the skin in the eyes areas and mouth;
• Folds near the ears;
• Mimic wrinkles;
• Nasolabial folds;
• Frown wrinkles;
• Asymmetry;
• Unevenskin.
Types of the threads are used:
• Spicular
• Linear
• Spiral


The medicine for injection is only polydioxanone.
Recovery period
• Three days after the injection, you cannot visit the sauna, solarium, beach and gym;
• Also during this period it is undesirable to sleep on the abdomen, massage the area of correction or touch it;
• Do not actively engage facial expressions;


• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Oncological diseases;
• Diabetes;
• Infectious diseases;
• Poor blood clotting;
• Autoimmune diseases;
• Problems with the psyche;
• Propensity to formation of keloid scars;
• Violation of the skin in the correction area;
• Presence of implants in the zone of the introduction of the threads;
• Individual intolerance to the medicine.

Side effects:
• Wrinkling
• Infectious
• The formation of bunions



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