Young women, whose skin requires tightening, modern cosmetology offers a non-surgical correction of the face oval.

The main advantages of non-surgical tightening:
The procedure has practically no contraindications.
• No side effects.
• No long rehabilitation period.
• Does not require hospitalization.
• There are no traces and scars on the skin.
The effect is noticeable after the first sessions.
Modern cosmetology clinics offer a non-surgical tightening of three types:
• Radiofrequency lifting. Radio frequencies shorten stretched collagen fibers; the use of this method stimulates the production of elastin.
• Laser technique. In programs on rejuvenation, laser beams of various influence force are actively used.
• Bioarmification. This is an injective facelift with hyaluronic acid. The effect after the face tightening lasts up to 6 months.
How much does face lifting cost?
The cost of the course depends on the devices the beautician uses and how serious the skin problem is. You can significantly reduce the price buying not one procedure, but a course. Facelifting will save you from fine wrinkles, scars, uneven skin, nasolabial folds, second chin, lowered eyebrows, etc.
Why should you choose a facelifting in our center?
• We have good prices.
• We guarantee an effective result after the procedure.
• We will surprise you with unbeatable service.
• We have an individual approach to clients.
• Before the face tightening, we carefully examine the client.

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