Laser eyebrow tattoo removal — fast and painless
We offer you the most effective and safest way to remove eyebrow tattoo laser.It allows you to remove the coloring pigment, while not damaging the skin.
• The cosmetologist determines how many procedures are necessary to achieve the desired result.
• Preparation of the skin before exposure to the laser. A disinfectant is applied to the skin.
• The laser is programmed for a specific program, taking into account the depth of the ink.
• After the procedure, a soothing cosmetology should be applied to the skin.
Sometimes, the old tattoo is removed after the first session, but sometimes 5 to 6 procedures are necessary.
Contraindications for laser use

Before laser removal of permanent make-up, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the contraindications for the procedure:
• Pregnancy and lactation.
• Inflammatory diseases on the skin.
• Too tanned skin.
• Malignant lesions on the skin.
• Diabetes.
• Diseases of the blood.
Professionals of the center «Della Rossa» will help to clean bad done or annoyed tattoo of eyebrows and will do their job impeccably! Contact us as soon as possible and the most minimal prices are waiting will pleasantly surprise you.

1. How long does the tattoo removal procedure last?

Time depends on the area of the tattoo / tattoo and will be about 5-30 minutes.

2. What happens in the skin during laser tattooing?

During the procedure, the effect directly on the pigment itself, located in the skin. Due to the thermal effects, the paint is destroyed and simply removed. An important feature of laser removal of tattoos and tattooing is that the effect occurs only on the dyed skin, unpainted skin is not affected and is not damaged.

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