Elimination of nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal fissures

All our emotions are imprinted on our face. And with age, these emotions create creases on the skin. The body is getting old and it’s natural. But what if aging is not desirable?

Beauty injections — effective prevention of unwanted aging

Beauty salon services are now used by every woman, loving herself and her body. Because only professional cosmetology can effectively solve age-related skin problems. One way is by injecting hyaluronic acid.
The main signs of aging on the face are pronounced nasolabial folds and wrinkles, visually adding to the age of a person a few extra years. The essence of the method is to restore skin tone and rejuvenate it. Advantage — a comprehensive study of the whole face.
The procedures using hyaluronic acid synthesis are the most natural and safe for the human body. Since up to 25 years, hyaluronic acid is the main constituent of intercellular metabolism. But after 25 its development slows down and the skin begins to age gradually.
The effectiveness of injections is that the doctor-cosmetologist uses a thin needle to inject professional substances under the skin to such a depth that creams and masks with hyaluronate can not be reached.
Therefore, the positive result becomes noticeable after the first procedures. However, to get 100% of the effect you need to go through a whole course of procedures. Usually it is from 3 to 7 procedures with a break in a week between them.
But the schedule is made for each patient individually, depending on the age, composition and dosage of the drugs used, and the degree of complexity of the problem being solved.

Injections of hyaluronic acid — contraindications

It must be remembered that any procedure has its own contraindications. Injections of hyaluronate this also applies:

allergic reactions to drugs;
pregnancy or lactation period;
PMS or fever;
poor blood clotting;
taking anticoagulants;
a recent chemical or laser peeling procedure;
inflammation of the skin;
autoimmune diseases;
kidney failure;
no 18. For carrying out the presence of skin problems is necessary. Usually, up to 30 years of age, they do not arise.

After injection of hyaluronic acid it is impossible:

the first day of washing, using make-up, touching and massaging the face so that the preparations do not move;
so as not to infect the infection, the skin needs to be treated with an antiseptic for several days;
two weeks to visit the sauna, gym, solarium and beach.

Otherwise, after injection with hyaluronic acid, complications are possible:

inflammation of the skin;
displacement of the injected substance;
Sealing at the injection site.

Such side effects are rare, but they happen if you do not follow the recommendations for skin care at home, or the procedure was performed by an inexperienced specialist. Pay special attention to the choice of the salon and the master!

Services of cosmetology salons

Today salon cosmetology boasts a wide range of procedures for skin rejuvenation. All of them are effective, they just have their own spectrum of action.
Consider the procedures in which hyaluronic acid is used.

Contour plastic
Under the skin is introduced the drug filler, which fills the volume of tissues. Thus, nasolabial folds and wrinkles are smoothed. The process is rather complicated.
After all, the process of skin aging is not only the formation of wrinkles, but also a decrease in volume on the cheeks and cheekbones, the isolation of the tear sulcus, the appearance of flabby skin. Therefore, not only the zone of nasolabial folds is corrected, but also the surrounding areas.
For each area is selected his filler.
Nasolabial folds are smoothed for 6-12 months. Then you need a second course.

Nasolabial folds are filled with fat cells, which are taken from the waist or hips. But this technique eliminates nasolabial folds of any depth.
The method is designed for patients who are allergic to fillers.

During the session, special needles are used from medical steel, mezzanine, which dissolve after 8 months after the procedure and an anesthetic.
The thickness of the mesonite is up to 0.3 mm. Under the skin they are not visible, but they form the basis of collagen.
Treadlifting is used not only to rejuvenate the face, but also the decollete zone.
The tremendous advantage of treadlifting is that the effect of the procedure lasts up to two years. Because the mesonites form their own collagen.
Positive result of treadlifting:

the skin becomes elastic, wrinkles are smoothed;
corrected contours of the face;
the skin acquires a healthy shade, the relief improves;
nasolabial folds are eliminated;
The hemmed edges of the eyebrows are pulled up.

Mesotherapy is not just a rejuvenation procedure. This is a whole complex of skin care products. The basis of injections are cocktails vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, homeopathic extracts.
Mesotherapy stimulates skin cells, improves its appearance, reduces the depth of nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

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