Increase and correction of the lips with hyaluronic acid

Juicy, plump lips are a matter of admiration for men and women. And it’s absolutely normal, if a fair-sex woman wants beautiful lips, like a film star from the cover. For this, modern cosmetology has developed a procedure to increase the lips with hyaluronic acid.

The technique of liposuction with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetologists have long divided the resort to correction of the lips into three categories.

The first is the age from 18 to 30 years. The basic inquiries of this group are an increase in the volume of the lips, because there are no cosmetic defects at this age. The desired result of the procedure is giving an image of sexuality.

The second — women after 30, wishing to prevent the first manifestations of aging.

The third — women after 45 with pronounced signs of aging. For this category, not only the rejuvenating injection course, but also filling the volume of wrinkles on the lips and the formation of their contours.
Injections of hyaluronic acid into the lips are done using a syringe with a thin needle. The doctor’s session lasts up to an hour, with the mandatory use of an anesthetic. And the result is saved for 6-12 months.
Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is produced by the human body from birth and is a natural component of the body, the procedure is completely safe.
Hyaluronic acid is involved in the connective processes of the whole organism, its main task is to support the water balance in the body.
Introduced substances based on hyaluronate gradually dissipate without a trace. So to maintain the result it is important to undergo a periodic procedure. The period between sessions depends on the type of drug.
The effect of the increase comes almost instantly, but the final result comes only after two days.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid — contraindications

Like any type of correction, the increase in the lips is not suitable for everyone and has its contraindications:
pregnancy or lactation;
allergy to the components of the drug;
autoimmune diseases;
poor blood clotting;
presence of other fillers in the lips;
skin infections;
scars and scars in the lips.
Those who have chronic diseases necessarily need to get a consultation with a doctor before proceeding with the procedure.

Care for the lips after increasing hyaluronic acid

After the session, you should follow the general recommendations for care:
suspend any exercise and exercise to avoid the appearance of bruising and swelling;
use the amount of fluid depending on the amount of hyaluronate injected. This moment is indicated by the doctor individually.
It is possible to swell after enlarging the lips with hyaluronic acid, but this is normal and usually it comes off in 24 hours.
The advantage is that there is no rehabilitation period. Obligatory examination should be performed after 10-14 days for possible correction in case the patient has strong asymmetry of the lips or he wants to add a lot of volume at once. Under this condition, the skin should get used to the first changes, so that there is no rupture or damage to the tissues.
Despite the list of contraindications and painful injections, reviews after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid are only positive from happy owners of Hollywood smiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of procedure

Women who did not agree with the result can always wait until the filler resolves and the lips become habitual.
There are no age restrictions. You can enlarge your lips in 18 years. After 60 the procedure is also carried out, but only after consultation with a specialist.
The body is rejuvenated.

The cost of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid in Kiev is rather big. Depends on the level of the cabin and the manufacturer of preparations.
The procedure must be repeated every six months or a year. But nothing lasts forever, does it?

Correction of the lips with hyaluronic acid

Correction of the shape and proportions of the lips occurs with the help of contour plastics. This procedure allows:

increase the volume of the lips;
change the shape of the lips;
eliminate asymmetry;
to hide the defects of the lips obtained from trauma or illness;
to rejuvenate the lips.

Like the skin, the lips suffer from the loss of collagen, becoming smaller. Over time, wrinkles appear, the corners of the mouth drop.
Contour plastic surgery changes a person’s appearance without surgery. Transformation of the lips occurs with the help of fillers, which smooth out wrinkles, increase the volume and change the shape of the lips.

Components of fillers

Preparations using hyaluronic acid are divided into several groups.

The composition includes two main components — hyaluronate and collagen. They are absolutely safe for the body, since they are produced from birth. Collagen is a connective tissue, and hyaluronic acid is responsible for water balance. Simply over time, they lose strength and are not able to support the body young.
The effect of the procedure using exclusively collagen lasts up to 4 months. Only with hyaluronic acid — up to six months. Together they are able to save the result up to 15 months.

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