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Vacuum-roller massage and its advantages:
• Losing overweight;
• Elimination of cellulite;
• Removing puffiness, removing excess fluid;
• Correction of body contours;
• Lifting muscle tone;
• Improvement of skin condition;
• Stimulation of blood circulation;
• Improvement of the general condition of the body.
After massage by the vacuum — roller apparatus, there are no bruises, scarring on the face. The effect of facial rejuvenation is noticeable after the first use.
To insure the hygiene of the procedure a special individual suit is used. The session is painless and does not occur any uncomfortable sensations.

Cosmetic agents for massage
Specialists use cosmetics and oils, which have a positive effect on the skin condition and improve the gliding of the baits over the skin surface.
Before taking a course of vacuum-roller massage for weight loss in the laser center Della Rossa, competent specialists will acquaint you with a number of contraindications:
• Presence of oncological diseases, diseases of blood, kidneys and excretory system.
• Skin diseases, such as trophic ulcers and other skin rashes.
• Menstrual period also not a favorable time for the massage.

1. Hello. What is the difference between vella shape, lpg and elfiderm? I want with your help to figure out what all the same is more effective. Thank you.

Good afternoon. Elfiderm is a vacuum massage, lpg is a roller-vacuum massage, and Vella Shape combines roller massage, vacuum, infrared rays and radio waves. As a result of the combination of four physiofactors, the effectiveness of the procedure is significantly increased.

2. Venous "stars" on my legs and thighs. Will Vela Shapey's procedure on varicosity and "sprouts" affect negatively?

Good afternoon. Given that the procedure is thermal and with a vacuum, before you do it, seem to the phlebologist if you have problems with the veins. If the problem is purely cosmetic (vascular "stars"), then the procedure is unlikely to significantly affect small vascular defects.

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